When prepping for this year’s LGN Wellbeing Inter Advertising 5K race, there were two things that ranked as important. Firstly, Team Aspire would be in it to win it. Secondly, we needed to look the part. Yes, that’s right, the 2018 showdown was all about speed and style – well, at least we hoped it would be.
Come race day, the winning part didn’t quite come to fruition. While speedy journalist Nick Harris-Fry bagged an impressive third place – making it a second successive year that an Aspire runner had podiumed in that position – we were one team member down. This meant that, despite our best group efforts, we weren’t eligible to enter as a group.
But don’t fear, because we certainly still looked the part. Our bright red Aspire tops shone the brightest, which was a little win in itself. The photographers couldn’t miss us either, and the bugs and insects certainly liked them too. All in all, we collectively donned the agency’s colours and branding in style.

The race

Now, to the race. As mentioned, the team weren’t in with a shot at the main prize – but that didn’t stop us giving it our all. Ringer Nick bagged our highest finish, while many of us also notched PBs too – I was particularly happy to have clocked 18 minutes 31 seconds, coming 18th out of the 600 odd runners on the night.
I wasn’t the only happy one though, as a number of our team crossed the line with personal fastest times and little victories alike. The flat and winding course was easy to follow, offered nice variety and allowed all of us to give it a good go. So, well done organisers for doing a great job – and good job team!
The evening, which saw a number of well-known media companies and agencies come together to run and compete, was a great spectacle for all involved. Not only were the people taking part encouraging and cheering everyone on, but so to were members of the public. Everyone seemed to rally together and get involved.

Great support

This is something that makes running such a great sport – whether you’re at a local parkrun or a busy city marathon, there is a positive community spirit. People come together, bond and make a great day out of the race or event. Our race happened to fall on a cool night with sunshine, but even if it was wet and windy I’m sure it would have been a fun night.
While we all enjoyed the race, we also enjoyed catching up and making the most of the light evening. It was great to have journalists, friends and a few of the guys on the On stand run with us on the night. Hopefully we can all rally together again next year and give it another good go. And who knows, the team kit may even undergo a colour change!