Keep up with the exercise innovations, inspirational tech and Instagram influencers set to take the world of health and fitness by storm in 2018.

Health and fitness themes

Topics influencing health and wellbeing in 2018 include:

Meat-Free Muscle & Vegan Values

The focus on vegan diets and ethical exercise looks set to continue well beyond ‘Veganuary’. International meal delivery service Just Eat are among those predicting veganism to be a leading consumer trend for 2018 while vegan celebrities and athletes, along with meat-free recipes and diet plans, are set to dominate the health agenda.

Protein Power

The magic ingredient continues to fill the shopping baskets of the health conscious. Last year we saw the emergence of protein-packed everyday confectionary – Protein Mars Bars anyone? Now 2018 offers to-your-door protein postage. LDN Muscle is leading the charge in delivering muscle-repairing meals and weight loss workout snacks to your door.

Group Training With A Conscience

Community-focused exercise platforms like parkrun continue to grow. They’re now targeting those hardest to reach, but most in need. Parkrun launched its first prison-based run at HMP Haverigg in December 2017 and has added a second already. Initiatives such as PrimalRoots, organised by UK Athletics’ Run Lead Carl Adams, are helping people in rehab and recovery turn their lives around through group exercise.

Recovery Is Bouncing Back

Quality recovery – measured through metrics such as heart-rate variability and blood oxygen saturation levels – will be a big focus for 2018. The use of cryotherapy chambers to speed up recovery and muscle repair – such as 111Cryo in London – highlight how extreme cold looks set to be very hot this year.

Boutique Gyms

Those no-thrills gyms and pay-as-you-go weight rooms are just so last year. For 2018, smaller, exclusive Boutique gyms and cult indoor cycling sessions like Psycle are taking off.
Aspire predicts that 2018 will be a thrilling standout year in the world of health and fitness. As technology, consumer demand, digital development and the quest for evermore innovative workouts shape the way we fuel, train and recover, Aspire will keep you ahead of the game with all the latest life-changing launches.