Keep up with the exercise innovations, inspirational tech and Instagram influencers set to take the world of health and fitness by storm in 2018.

Trends In Technology

The World-Wide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2018 (from the American College of Sports Medicine) reveals how activity trackers, heart-rate monitors and GPS look set to continue becoming a part of everyday exercise. This season we’ll all be wearing…
Power Meters On Our Feet – Power output, the data that’s devoured by cyclists thanks to the likes of Wattbike, is set to become the latest performance metric for runners to drool over thanks to shoe-and-app tech from Stryd
Immersive Fitness Threads – Enabling participants to enter different worlds whilst exercising. Hot on the tail of breakthrough VR training packages such as Zwift – which links indoor bike riders from around the world together on VR roads – is the Peloton Tread. The Peloton Tread treadmill and HD screen, which streams high-energy exercise classes to the home, stole the show at the January 2018 consumer electronics event CES in Las Vegas
New Generation Fitness Trackers – Digital trackers continue to go from strength to strength – offering even more facets for less of an outlay. The subtle, stylish Moov Now is being touted by the likes of T3 and TechRadar as the Fitbit for 2018
Intelligent Running Shoes – In-built microchips sync with the MapMyRun app for GPS-based data on time, cadence, distance etc within a pair of HOVR Sonic shoes from Under Armour
Apple Core – Established fitness tracker – the Apple Watch – is upping its game for 2018 with its Series 3 – now offering 4G capabilities, music streaming, phone-free calls and messaging, plus it’s 70% faster that Series 2. There’s also improved heart rate algorithms for those core-cranking HIIT workouts.
Tracker With A Ring To It – Garmin are giving Apple a run for their money with the Forerunner 645 musical watch and HR monitor that’s capable of storing 500 songs.
Non-Passive Activity Watches – Suunto are leading the way with the latest all singing, all dancing wrist-mounted monitor with applications that include setting a seven-day training schedule that it automatically adjusts if you miss a session.
Waterborne Wearables – Using a sensor tag within the fabric, are launching the world’s first data-driven swimsuit capable of synching with a phone to track performance data as you plough through the pool. Look out also for the Apple/IOS compatible Motiv fitness ring (available in Rose Gold and Slate Gray)

Social Platforms For Health & Fitness

The digital delivery of exercise routines via streaming, along with easy access to personal trainers via video links, will grow and grow through 2018…

Lose Weight Via WhatsApp

Messaging apps are rapidly replacing old-school platforms for communication among sports and exercise groups; sharing tips, motivational advice and building club membership. Whatsapp tops the messaging apps chart with 1300 million users.

Video Recurring

Digital marketing analysts Smart Insight report that mobile video is the fastest growing ad format in the world, doubling year-on-year. Last year 90% of all content shared by Internet users was video and this trend will continue in 2018 as fitness fans interact remotely with personal trainers and streamed workouts.

Going Live

Studies show that 80% of consumers would prefer to watch a live video streamed by a brand than to read a post. Prepare to see a lot more of those influencers then.
Aspire predicts that 2018 will be a thrilling standout year in the world of health and fitness. As technology, consumer demand, digital development and the quest for evermore innovative workouts shape the way we fuel, train and recover, Aspire will keep you ahead of the game with all the latest life-changing launches.