Keep up with the exercise innovations, inspirational tech and Instagram influencers set to take the world of health and fitness by storm in 2018.

Workout Activity

Among the training trends and exercise activities set to take off this year are…

Rowing – The New Spinning

Indoor rowing groups trending in the USA, at New York gyms like CityRow and the Row House, have now hit our shores. Brutal training sessions, such as Meta-Row, combine calorie-torching cardio rowing with total body circuits.

Streaming Sessions

Group workouts you can join anytime anywhere are taking off already. Les Mills on demand workout classes plus the new streamed cycling sessions via FlyWheelSports are uniting exercise groups digitally every day.

LIIT, The Next Big Hiit

Low Intensity Interval Training (LIIT), a more amenable alternative to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), is on the way. Here the emphasis is on slower, lower intensity moves and longer recovery times wrapped around those moments of high-intensity madness.

SHIFT Goes Up A Gear

High-intensity sessions aren’t a thing of the past though. Smart High Intensity Functional Training (SHIFT) programmes, such as SHIFT 56, mix the best of HIIT with a bunch of bodyweight-based strength drills.

Mindful Moves

Running sessions that capture the spirit of mindfulness are on the rise. Coupled with the resurgence of yoga and meditation-based exercise, thanks to hybrids like LIFTED from Holly Rilinger, it looks like we’re set to take our workouts to a higher plain.
Aspire predicts that 2018 will be a thrilling standout year in the world of health and fitness. As technology, consumer demand, digital development and the quest for evermore innovative workouts shape the way we fuel, train and recover, Aspire will keep you ahead of the game with all the latest life-changing launches.