This March, our client, premium Swiss sportswear brand and design maestros On, organised a press and retailer summit on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Hosted at the impressive St. Regis Mardavall resort, the schedule was filled to the brim with runs, product insight and seminars. Two members of the Aspire team were among those invited, Managing Director Layla Smith and Media Relations Lead Kate Allen. Here’s what happened while they were away.

Day 1

Journalists and retailers flew from all over Europe to join On for their Balearic summit. Having been met at Palma de Mallorca Airport by a brand representative, everyone was swiftly transported to the resort by shuttle for a warm welcome by On founders Olivier Bernhard and Casper Copetti.

Guests were quickly made to feel comfortable by both hotel staff and the On team, and with introductions complete, the first of many runs got underway.

The aptly named ‘Happy Landing Run’ was an introduction to the event’s physical side, a short 30 minutes to allow everyone to find their running legs after the flight. The plan was to blast away the travel cobwebs, get out into the sun as quickly as possible, and to try out the newly launched Cloudswift, the first On shoe to utilise their newly released Helion Foam.

On being On, the pace was swift. Everyone was glad to be out though: the route followed the stunning coastline, overlooking the Balearic Sea, and after spending two hours on a stuffy plane, the run lifted everyone’s spirits and set the tone for the rest of the trip. Feedback for the Cloudswift was overwhelmingly positive, with the comfortable Helion foam and slick design keeping the runners going at a good stride.

Once the first run had ended, the guests were treated to a yoga session on the lawn outside the resort. While the group was made up of a fair few fitness enthusiasts, the unsympathetic instructor gave them a run (no pun intended) for their money. The class was unapologetically tough, exposing a clear lack of bendiness amongst the runners! Everyone saw the funny side, though, making for a light hearted session.

Once everyone’s bodies had returned to their normal shape, the first day was wrapped up with an informal dinner and drinks, where journalists, industry professionals and our team members were able to enjoy a few drinks and reflect on the busy day.

Day 2

The second planned run of the trip, before breakfast on Tuesday morning, had three distances for the group to choose from, from 30 minutes through to 90. Team Aspire chose the shorter of the three as a much tougher and more intense activity was planned for the afternoon.

After breakfast, the first of the day’s talks began. Red Bull Athlete and long-distance runner Florian Neuschwander gave an in-depth presentation on his career, upcoming challenges and his relationship with running. The talk went down well and the general impression of Flo was one of inspiration and immediate likeability.

The guests then split into two further seminars. Aspire joined founder Olivier Bernhard for the first of the media talks, with a presentation covering the story and beginnings of On, how the brand has grown rapidly while staying true to its origins, and the innovations that are in the pipeline. The brand’s new Helion Tech, On’s latest tech creation, was dissected and explained.  

After a delicious light lunch, a serious trail run had been planned. The group were to wear the widely popular Cloudventure trail shoe, a product line which has cemented On as big players in the off-road running scene.

The stunning trail run was the highlight for many guests and everyone returned feeling revitalized, if not a little bit more tired. Day two was rounded off once again with a relaxed dinner, complemented by birthday drinks for Aspire’s Layla.

Day 3

The third and final day followed a similar format to the previous two, beginning with another morning run to wake everyone up, then another healthy and delicious breakfast.

The final founder presentation was led by Olivier, highlighting the brand’s interest in the outdoor industry and what plans they have for the summer. Details of On’s new mountain hut were released:  a temporary overnight cabin built for mountain runners to enjoy high up in the Swiss Alps.

A final yoga session, much more relaxing than the first, was a wonderful way to wrap up the business side of things. Another lunch followed by an opportunity to do some sightseeing (plus a well-placed spa trip) prepared everyone for their return to reality.

In review

The Mallorca summit was a resounding success. Aspire set out to use the opportunity to introduce new media to the brand, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting the On founders. The event planning, schedule and atmosphere was, as always, professionally organised and well executed. The new Cloudswift was received positively by the whole group and On once again proved that they are at the forefront of product innovation, with the release of the Helion Foam. The challenging runs and beautiful locations suited the product perfectly, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the market this summer.