Internship is a varied term in the business world. For many it screams laborious tasks, repetition and making lots of coffee. At Aspire we like to challenge this stigma and look to offer our interns the best possible exposure to the sports and wellbeing world, over a 3- month placement.

Aspire is an independent sports and wellbeing agency with over 20 years’ experience in PR and marketing. We work closely with a select number of long-term clients from the sports and wellness industry. Our internship offers young professionals an opportunity to experience and work with both established and new brands, leading to an incredibly diverse role.

Our Internship

During the 3 months, interns are presented with a multitude of tasks, supporting both the PR and marketing teams. Through this support, the individual is able to get a real-world sense of how agencies work from the inside out, a hands-on approach that many other internships don’t provide. The team are often out and about at meetings, client pitches, expos and PR events, and we encourage our interns to come along and experience as much of this as possible – again, focusing on getting them a wide and varied range of  work experience.

As for admin, we believe this is an incredibly important aspect of the role and because of this, there will always be a strong emphasis on making sure this work is completed to the best standard. Research is an integral part of what the agency does, and acknowledging the importance of these more desk-based tasks, while executing them with the same professionalism leads to a more rounded and focused work experience. Gone are the days where you need to stare at a laptop screen for 8 hours however, so ensuring there is a good mixture of both office and location-based work is very important from our point of view.

Aspire Ethos

As a team, Aspire live and breathe sport, fitness and wellbeing. We all enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and take part in a wide range of activities. While looking for a new intern, a background in marketing or communications is extremely useful and definitely attractive on paper, but above all else we want people who will share our passion for health and fitness. Working together as likeminded and driven colleagues is an atmosphere we strive for the most.

All in all, the Aspire internship has always been about providing as much real industry experience as we can during a relatively short 3-month period. We hope to give other individuals the experience, tools and confidence to follow their passions, while supporting them every step of the way. When new roles are made available, Aspire will always look to recruit internally where possible, furthering our professional relationships as a team and boosting the intern’s future potential. We can’t promise that you won’t make a cup of tea at some point during your time at Aspire, but this is very much a case of who’s in the kitchen at the right time…


Cameron Pope (June – Sept 2018, December 2018– January 2019 & March – May 2019)

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Aspire. The team at Aspire help to construct a dynamic working environment which has allowed me to develop a vast amount of knowledge of the industry that I will be able to use in my career progression. Everyone shows a huge willingness to help and nothing is too much of an ask if you are ever stuck with a task.

Week to week at Aspire I always found myself working on something different, by having a wide and varied work plan I learnt about all aspects of the business.

I was always able to keep myself engaged in work by being able to switch back and forth from different tasks and not just the office tea/coffee boy.  During my time, I was also invited to attend events such as Soul Circus as well media events for clients – this was a great eye opener to see what happens at these events and to be able to get stuck support the team where needed.

I have had an invaluable experience with Aspire and would strongly urge anyone to apply wanting to gain knowledge of the sports and wellness industry.”

Charlie Casey (September – December 2018)

“Interning at Aspire has been a fantastic opportunity for starting my career in the sports industry. Being able to work across several key sports and fitness brands, in a variety of roles has been valuable experience for me, giving me a great insight into the world of PR and marketing – even better that it is in an industry I love!

Layla and the team were so welcoming from the start, making it easy to settle in and start work on some exciting projects. In the three months I was at Aspire, I was able to get stuck in and apply myself across a number of sectors, giving me great experience that I will take forward in my career.”

Tom Alderton (January – April 2019)

“My time at Aspire – taking part in the three-month Marketing & PR Internship – was invaluable. The team are made up of a passionate group of individuals, all with a wealth of industry experience. Having come from non-marketing work background, the internship was an amazing learning curve.

Aspire have a huge reach in the sport world, particularly around London, and because of this, you are exposed to all aspects of the industry. Due to the agency being relatively small in size and specialist in nature, the internship allows you get up close and personal with client work (all of which is challenging and ever changing). 

In the role spec, it states that the internship is a varied role and I couldn’t agree more. If getting stuck in is part of your work ethic, interning with Aspire is definitely worth your attention.”