At Aspire we champion leading brands in the world of health and fitness, helping to inform and promote the multitude of benefits leading an active lifestyle can bring to us all.
For 2019 we’re focusing on the positive impact that activity, sports and exercise has on our ability to deal with everyday problems, to be more creative, to find inner calm and to lead healthier lives both physically and mentally.
Here we celebrate the range of partners we work with and the many ways that movement – in what sport you do – works for us all.
In this blog, part one of three, we focus on running and cycling.

Aspire Run: Mind How You Go

Running in the great outdoors is on the rise – with an emphasis on using your time plodding the paths and pavements to experience a more mindful, meaningful and digitally detoxifying form of exercise.
Supporting the simplest, most effective form of fitness training is a core element in the Aspire stable. We work with innovative running brand On in a portfolio of activities that include events featuring British ultramarathon champion and On ambassador Tim Don.
Our reputation in the running world has been built upon successful partnerships with brands such as TribeSports and as hosts of The National Running Show.

The Long Run

Taking 5k parkruns as a starting point, more and more runners are challenging themselves to go greater distances, on more adventurous routes. The listing site for the world’s biggest ultramarathons has witnessed a 1000% increase in the number of races featured on the platform, there’s no doubt more and more of us are finding running a perfect form of therapy and escape from life’s hassles.
“But runners will tell you that mindfulness in running isn’t new,” insists Professor John Brewer, exercise specialist at St Mary’s University and author of the beginners guide to marathon running that is Run Smart (Bloomsbury). “It has always provided an opportunity to focus on your own body and the environment and take your mind away from the stresses and traumas of everyday life.”

Mindful of Running In 2019

Trends set to impact on the world of running include;
Track Runs: Group track running sessions, such as Track Life LDN enable everyday runners to boost their enjoyment and improve their performance with the aid of specialist coaches and arena and track circuits.
Tech Shoes: Embedded sensors, built into running shoe soles that digitally connect to analytic software are set to become a key feature in footwear technology.
Time Saver: Strava predict that in just under two years it will be faster to run to work than to travel by motor vehicle. Based upon Transport for London data, congestion will be so bad that by 2020 the average running speed (6.7mph) will exceed average traffic speed (7.7mph).

Aspire Ride: Great Escapes

Cycling goes from strength to strength in the UK from the elite success of British riders to the rising numbers of cyclists using bikes for work and pleasure. At Aspire we continue to work with cycling partner Club Peloton to grow their successful overseas sportive rides, following on from our successful partnerships with the likes of CycloSport and BikeSoup.
At Club Peloton the organised group rides for men and women to destinations in France and Italy provide an escape from the world of work whilst also offering riders the opportunity to network, informally, with professionals from the same industry.

Reasons To Ride

The future looks bright for those looking to take to two-wheels as a means of getting away from it all thanks to the growing number of opportunities on offer for riders to experience stages of great races, cycling holidays, city to city tours and overseas Sportives.
“Cycling in the great outdoors offers us a great opportunity to escape from the pressures of day-to-day life, for sure,” explains Mark Beaumont world record around the world cyclist and ambassador for the etapecaledonia. “I’ve been fortunate enough to experience some amazing places and build new friendships all thanks to the bike. In an age where we’re almost constantly at the beck and call of technology and communications devices, the ability to take yourself out on a ride where your only focus is on the road, your surroundings and how your body feels as you cycle is something we should all cherish.”
A record number of British cyclists will take part in organised non-competitive rides in 2019 as the sportive market grows exponentially.

Rising Rides in 2019

Trends set to impact on the world of cycling in 2019 include:
Lead Riders: Cycling influencers look set to kick-on in 2019 with the likes of Chanel Natalie (@royalthighness) the partner of UK elite cyclist Alex Dowsett among those leading the way in kit testing and equipment endorsing.
Short Journey: Fashion show appearances, Kim Kardashian’s Instagram and a Pinterest survey of what’s hot for next year in clothing searches sees cycling shorts set to move from the velodrome to the catwalk and high street in 2019.
Ride Home: While the emphasis is very much on reaping the rewards of road riding, home-cycling and virtual tour riding software – such as Peloton and Zwift – look set to take off thanks to advances in Smart TV and 5G function.