In our third and final part of this blog series we look at wellness and lifestyle trends for 2019.

Aspire Breathe: Make Time For You

There’s nothing quite like a change of scenery to focus the mind and refresh one’s outlook. Whilst activity and the benefits of exercise are available to us all, anytime in any place, a purpose-built destination for health and fitness is a major motivator for those seeking a fresh start or re-invigorated routine.
For 2019 Aspire has teamed up with therapeutic retreat co-ordinators Absolute Sanctuary and their award-winning Thai resort in Koh Samui – one of the world’s leading wellness holiday destinations.

Time Out

Making time for oneself and escaping the nine-to-five to indulge in some therapeutic rest and relaxation can be as beneficial to mental and physical performance as exercise and training. Increasingly more and more athletes of all levels look to take breaks which offer the facilities to maintain fitness levels whilst ensuring thorough recovery and muscle rejuvenation – plus a few luxuries and ‘treat’ days.
The Absolute Sanctuary offers travellers such opportunity to engage in expert-led programmes of innovative group and private exercise – from muscle-toning suspension classes to fat-torching HIIT or core-strengthening. There’s also an on-site ‘Love Kitchen’ which tailors its recipes and nutrition programmes to ensure an entirely holistic holiday.

Relaxing Diversions in 2019

Trends set to impact on the world of relaxation breaks include;
More Spas: Seeking out sanctuary continues to appeal to us all it seems as ‘wellness tourism’ has experienced a 6.5% annual growth* – more than double the growth rate for overall tourism.
Active Retreats: Resorts which offer physical challenge, functional exercise expertise and even transformative wellness experiences where we get to try activities which we may not have had the confidence to do before will welcome more and more guests this year.
Getaway Guys: As more men invest in their health by booking wellness holidays – male-specific programmes – offering anything from anti-ageing to golf and spa days – are on the rise, including the Absolute Sanctuary’s ‘Reset and Recharge’.
(*Global Wellness Institute)

Aspire Active: Everyday Exercise

Active wear that’s stylish enough to look great whilst enabling us to workout at the drop of a hat, continues to dominate the online and high street retailers. Brands like Evveervital, a revolutionary line of eco-friendly active wear, are also encouraging and echoing the trend for a more active, wellness-focused approach to everyday living too.

Incidental Workouts

“People are waking up to the fact that exercising and movement isn’t just done for the sake of getting a six-pack or running a half marathon,” explains Professor John Brewer. “Being active and doing regular exercise is just as important for making you feel better and healthier, both physically and mentally.”
Along with developments in wearable tech and the ubiquitous fitness trackers, active wear is helping to turn the tide against a sedentary, harmful lifestyle towards a healthier one.
“Our bodies are designed for movement,” adds Professor Brewer. “But modern living – transport, sitting at computers, remote controls – is preventing us from being active and reaping the rewards of everyday exercise. More and more people are kicking against that, taking the stairs instead of the lift, cycling to work or running in the lunch-hour.”

Active aspiration in 2019

Rising trends in the world of activity tech;
Wear It Well: Tracking tech looks set to get more stylish as data recorders and fitness application wear establishes a foothold in everyday workwear. Smart jewellery that’s not only functional but fashionable too is on the rise.
Deeper Functions: Fitness firms such as Garmin are among those taking wearable tech to the next level offering the ability to monitor the body’s stress responses through trackers that following breathing rate, skin temperature and heart rate to help combat stress.
Sleeping In: Quality rest is as essential to our wellbeing as good exercise and research into the habits of Millennials shows that internet searches for help in ‘optimizing sleep’ have increased by 116 per cent in the past year alone.