Aspire has appointed Josh Puttock as Senior PR and Marketing Executive. Josh will be involved in all aspects of Aspire’s PR and Marketing offering, from client planning and liaison to project management and media/influencer relations, with a focus on creating informative and engaging online content for digital campaigns and social media.
Josh left University with a first-class honours degree in Sport journalism and has gained over 5 years of experience working for a number of publications including Men and Women’s Running. Josh’s skillset includes producing creative digital content, writing features, social media and filming, editing and production of live action video footage. He is a skilled video editor with many projects in his portfolio.
Josh says, “I am absolutely thrilled to be joining the Aspire team. I have known Layla for a number of years now and have always respected the agency and the work they produce. I am looking forward to building new relationships with media and influencers and working closely with clients. Also, taking their digital and social media presence to another level whilst bringing my editorial experience to the table too.”
Layla, Aspire MD says, “We’re very pleased to welcome Josh on board to support the team in all aspects of PR and marketing. Aside from his creative and digital experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge from the sports industry and we look forward to embracing this for continued growth and development at Aspire.”