Two new surveys, from news website and event technology platform Eventbrite, have highlighted the extent to which consumers are favouring experiences over goods when it comes to life satisfaction. Millennials in particular are driving the switch, with 72% of those surveyed saying they would be increasing their spending on experiences rather than physical things in the next year.


Fear Of Missing Out, along with a passion for engaging, enjoying and sharing on social media, are among the reasons for the move away from materialism and the growing demand for real-life encounters. With this in mind, Aspire has identified key events to watch for as the Experience Economy continues to rise:
Yoga ‘Mash-Ups’
TriYoga, Extend Barre and even cross-discipline training that merges HIIT or Cycling with Yoga are taking off at venues such as London’s Another Space. The ‘mash-ups’ look set to feature heavily at this year’s trending fitness festivals including Soul Circus.
Back for its third year now, the increasingly popular yoga and wellness festival combines exercise and relaxation therapies with music and food in the ultimate chill-out festival held in the Cotswolds from 17-19th August. Infusing local flavour to events continues to feature as a means of enriching the audience experience and the offering of food with local provenance and sustainability adds exactly that to the Soul Circus.
Creating unique audio and video content at events is proving key to reliving experiences. It’s predicted that video content will account for 80% of all internet content by 2020 with the trend for Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat ‘stories’ leading the surge. Sharing experiences – such as a cycle through continental Europe with the backdrop of a Tour de France route – will certainly enhance that. That’s the offer from Club Peloton, whose fully supported rides have grown to become a series of enthralling events, enabling riders of all standards to get a feel for a Pro’s eye view of life in the saddle.
This year’s Club Peloton pedELLE ride, for example, exclusively offers women working in the property industry a chance to ride and record the experience of doing just that from Copenhagen to Berlin over three days from the 13th-17th June.
Virtual reality is fast providing a means of enabling users to engage in events as if they were actually part of it in person. By simulating a real-life environment – from Central London to Richmond, Virginia and beyond – VR cycle program Zwift is radicalizing indoor rides and giving cyclists the ultimate training and race platform whilst uniting cyclists across the world in a unique ride experience. VR is also boosting the experiences of those taking part in 2018’s hottest trend, rowing.
The rise in boutique workouts, the growth of VR-based sessions and even the endorsement of cross-over Olympians such as Bradley Wiggins, mean rowing is rapidly becoming the new spinning. You can even master your indoor rowing technique thanks to this British Rowing technique video with double Olympic champion Alex Gregory.
Anywhere, Anytime fitness sessions which enable gym-goers and endurance athletes alike to workout whilst travelling increases the opportunity for more, new exercise experiences thanks to on-demand fitness facilities like ROAM. ROAM offer workout facilities and kit hire at airports and hotels whilst Flyfit Global are opening Heathrow Airport’s first on-demand gym for travellers in Spring 2018.
What Kind of Mindful Athlete are you? There’s no stopping the rise in wearable tech of course – but almost growing in tandem with this is the emphasis on taking tech breaks and engaging in more mindful, immersive exercise. Exercising in WiFi ‘dead zones’, doing digital detox breaks and even discovering what kind of running personality you are thanks to Swiss shoe creator On looks set to enhance the enjoyment of training for many more of us this year too.