Our newest client Absolute Sanctuary recently gave a media visit to its award-winning resort.  Here our Strategy lead Nicole who joined them gives her account of the experience!

A Trip You’ll Never Forget

There’s no doubt being given the opportunity to escape the UK winter to spend 5 nights at a holistic fitness and wellness resort in Thailand would be on most people’s wishlist at this time of year.
But like most demanding career and family juggling professionals, you somehow stay in the comfort zone of prioritising what you know vs the guilt of taking time out when really doing so would benefit everyone.
Well I had that decision made for me since this was a rare occasion where business meets pleasure, providing I could deliver on both at the same time!
The resort in question is Absolute Sanctuary, Asia’s top wellness resort covering fitness, health and weight management.  I was about to have the chance to gain a wider insight to all the areas that make up my wellbeing, something I had experienced before.
Absolute Sanctuary is located on Samui island which is on the north east side of Koh Samui; (Thailand’s second largest island after Phuket) and you reach it from the UK via hourly flights out of Bangkok.

What A Location

Upon arrival the peaceful hill setting and harmoniously designed buildings around the luxurious pool made me feel immediately at ease.
As we toured the facilities there was an atmosphere of positivity and friendliness from both the staff and diverse clientele.  A good mix of male and female.  Talking to some of them it was clear they shared a commonality of seeking to get back to a place of closer connection with themselves.  So that when they return home, they can once again perform at their best.

Personalised Around You

When it came to planning my time there, I was given the chance to build a personalised programme entirely around my own goals.  You can tailor the fitness, pampering and nutrition elements from a wide and flexible selection.
I particularly liked the fact that the programme extends beyond your time there with consideration to changes to make after your time in Thailand.

A Return To Self

Taking the time out to entirely focus on you, with experts in each area, you quickly start to become aware of your senses more.  Mindfulness around our own body and breathing is something we lose touch with as the focus moves to external demands, be that others at work, your children or other everyday physical demands that impact on your posture and diet.
As it got nearer to the end of my short time at Absolute Sanctuary I genuinely did feel more in tune with myself, physically and mentally.  From carrying around heavy children to burning the candle at both ends with work I had been given a reset to a level I could never have achieved without such a holistic and dedicated approach.

In Conclusion

I would recommend Absolute Sanctuary to anyone for the way they’ve really thought about a total bespoke offering and therefore earned those awards for good reason.  You couldn’t possibly regret giving you back to yourself!