All bases covered with a three-pronged launch of On’s new Cloudswift shoe.

As part of an ongoing partnership with the Swiss sportswear brand On, Aspire introduced the media and influencers to On’s latest technology and newest shoe, the Helion fuelled Cloudswift, via a multifaceted campaign which took in London and Mallorca along with a nationwide product seeding and review programme.

As On continues to strengthen its foothold amongst the global running community Aspire took the latest version of their distinctive running shoes to national, specialist and regional media with an awareness drive that included distinct landmark events. Key journalists were targeted by Aspire to trial and review the Cloudswift with a view to raising brand awareness and launching the lastest version of the shoe with the standout sole. The phenomenal review coverage – the highest number for an On product in UK media to date – and the positive feedback the Cloudswift has received already proved how effective this multi-faceted campaign has been.

Summit Special

The ‘On Summit’ got the Cloudswift off to a perfect start. By enabling journalists the opportunity to review the shoe for the first time, testing the product on trails used by athletes for warm-weather training in Mallorca. On founder Olivier Bernhard delivered an insightful presentation and led a challenging run on the rugged trails.

“Our trip to Mallorca was brilliant. It was so well organised and packed with activities, whilst retaining a laidback vibe. We got to meet the On founders, get the full brand and technology story from Oliver and test products just ahead of launch to market. I’ve been wearing the shoes ever since and look forward to seeing the brand continue to grow.”  Lee Bell, Forbes

“This trip provided the perfect platform to introduce new media to the brand. Spending time with the founders and extended On team in a relaxed environment enanbled us to educate all guests on what makes On so unique and explore exciting feature ideas together”. Layla Smith, Aspire

On Point

Back in London, Aspire staged ‘Helion Your Run’ – a running and yoga-focused event – during the London Marathon Expo at The Good Hotel, Docklands which introduced the Cloudswift to core media and influencers from the running community.

“Staging an event like ‘Helion Your Run’ meant we had a great opportunity to experience what it’s like to run in the Cloudswift shoes on London’s streets. It was also one of my first returns to outdoor running since my shin splints and with the cloud foam technology I didn’t feel them aggravated one bit!”  Hannah Fuller, Healthy Living London

Performance Review

The success of this campaign isn’t solely measured by the number of reviews or the breadth of coverage the Cloudswift has received, but also in the quality and credibility of the media endorsements. With over 40 exceptionally positive reviews of the shoe from well-established and well-respected journalists, specialists and publications, both in print and online, make the launch, events and the product seeding programme for the Cloudswift a tough act to follow. But when the time comes it’s a challenge Aspire will relish.

“The product seeding and review programme coupled with both the venue-based events really helped get the Cloudswift launch off to a flying start,” explains Layla Smith. “It also helps that by engaging directly and informally with journalists and influencers On’s founders provide a level of detail and insight about their brand that is very well received and wins brand fans for the longer-term.”

At A Glance – Cloudswift Launch

  • Total Media Reach – 41,215,906
  • Reach of social coverage from event – 88,369
  • 42 pieces of media coverage… and counting

“It’s our favourite shoe to date, from On” – Athletics Weekly

“A new shoe to add to the already impressive On range, the Cloudswift is the latest from the Swiss brand and not only are they claiming it’s one of its best shoes yet, it’s the first to use Helion foam, a new technology devised around those signature pods synonymous with On.”

“There’s none of the spongy feel when you step into the shoes and this definitely makes for a more stable run than you might find in Nike or Adidas’ flagships shoes”

-Runners World

“The new shoe has the effortless style and attention to detail you would expect from the Swiss. You won’t be running steep trails in it as that’s not what it’s designed for, but is the shoe our tester said she could happily wear all day, running or not!”– Outdoor Fitness

“Helion ‘Superfoam’ Technology: Is On’s latest Cloudswift running shoe the most innovative ever made?” – Forbes

“Great durability and rebound without sacrificing cushioning” – Trail Running

“The newly shaped ‘cloud’ elements on the sole collapse diagonally to increase horizontal cushioning; durable rubber reinforcements provide enhanced traction” – Health & Fitness

“This is a super stylish, technical road shoe designed for the urban runner” – Womens Running

Aspire PR & Marketing handle all UK PR media relations, press events and a product seeding and review programme for On.

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