Fitness Goals for 2018

The team here at Aspire is all about practising what we preach so we’ve all set ourselves some fitness goals for the year ahead.


Mine is to try and do a Parkrun each Saturday and get my time back down to where it was pre-Wilma. First one of the year complete at Bushy Park, so I’ve set a time to work on reducing!



The team are pushing for me to take part in a mini triathlon this year.

I obviously love to run and I am quite a good swimmer, the issue for me is riding a bike.

Even though I ride to work every day, I just lack the confidence to go at any form of speed, on the road or within a group.
I need to try and overcome this issue, be brave and look into races that are on locally and enter!  Watch this space.


I have two fitness goals this year; to up the distance of my triathlons to Olympic distances and to try at least one new sport.
For my triathlons, I am very comfortable in the water and on the bike but I need to overcome my fear of running long distances.
I have always loved trying new sports and spent my childhood either in a boat, in a dance studio or on a pitch so I want to keep this going as an adult.


Prioritising my health by doing a Spin class every week.


Kate G…

My fitness goal is to get stronger, fitter and hopefully faster on the bike.

I’ve been cycling for five years now, and I would like to see my average speed go up, even if it’s just a little bit, so that I can keep up with everyone I cycle with just that little bit better.



Simply, to do a little bit more…more power walking and more time on our cross trainer to build up time, speed and tone!


Mine is to get back into tennis full throttle. I’ve been bought some lessons for Christmas so going to get prepped for summer.
Also want to learn how to tumble turn in the pool!

…Kate C

Hitting my 10,000 daily steps with my new FitBit. So far so good!