Swiss running shoe brand On is hitting new trails. And the latest additions to its range have already both been honored in the reputed ISPO Awards. 

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND 30 January: The specialists at ISPO 2018 – the world’s biggest sports goods fair –have conducted their tests and reached their decisions. This year’s ISPO Gold Award has gone to a shoe that doesn’t yet exist: the new Cloudace from On. And the Cloud X, On’s first-ever multi-sport shoe, has been named a “Winner” in the “Health & Fitness – Indoor Training” category.  
The Cloudace is a very special shoe in so many respects. It’s not just sophisticated and highly technical in its construction: it also sets new running shoe standards in comfort and stability terms. Living fully up to its name, it’s an ace performer for any discerning runner, as is confirmed by the bestowal of the prestigious ISPO Gold Award. All runners will be able to discover this new running sensation for themselves from this June onwards.  
On is striking out on bold new paths with its recently-launched Cloud X multi-sport shoe, too. The lightest fully-cushioned running shoe has been developed for all athletes who like to actively mix up their workouts.  
Top athletes like marathon runner Chris Thompson have achieved personal bests in the Cloud X, which they praise for its versatility and fit. And the fact that this shoe, which is at heart a total On performance running shoe, should earn top honors in the “Indoor Training” category is dual cause for celebration: it confirms how widely the Cloud X can be used, and it underlines On’s total commitment to developing exceptional top-quality products. 
The international ISPO judging panel chose the Cloudace and the Cloud X for their awards from a wide range of candidates. All On products are developed in Switzerland by a team around former world duathlon champion and six-times Ironman winner Olivier Bernhard. 
Background Information 
Who is On? 
On is a young Swiss sports company based in Zurich (Switzerland), Portland (Oregon, USA), Yokohama (Japan) and has just opened another office in Melbourne (Australia). It has one simple mission: make running fun. A team of sports scientists, world-class athletes and designers spearhead this mantra. 
On running shoes are winning design and technology distinctions all over the world – most recently the ISPO Product of the Year and Gold Award for the Best Performance Shoes 2017/18. World Champions and elite athletes win constantly in On. 
On’s ingenious CloudTec sole is patented worldwide. Seven years after market launch, On is available at more than 3’000 specialist running stores and over 50 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia-Pacific. 
How does On’s patented CloudTec® system work? 
Cushioned landing, firm push-off: that’s the core concept behind the new running shoe by On, the young Swiss-based manufacturer. On’s patented technology combines all the benefits of a soft training shoe and a hard and fast racing shoe; a radical development in the sports industry. Land on the sand, push off from the running track! 
The secret to this bold new dual functionality lies in the On’s “Clouds” – hollow pods on the sole of the shoe that stretch back on impact to cushion the landing and then lock to form the solid foundation required for a powerful push-off.  
Athletes who have worn Ons and their coaches have reported greater muscle activation, new personal bests and shorter recovery times. These findings are also backed up by scientific research: independent studies by the reputed Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland have confirmed that the patented CloudTec® system substantially reduces athletes’ heart rates and blood lactate levels.