There have been some excellent pieces published in the national newspapers this month. When it comes to sport, health and wellbeing, it’s always nice for us as an agency to see what is being reported and written about. So, this is the first of our monthly newspaper round-up blogs.
The fitness industry is growing by the day, with survey Project Fitness UK 2018 reporting “it’s the fastest growing business sector in the UK”. At Aspire, we believe it’s always important to go through the papers for industry-relevant news to stay on top of this ever-growing industry.
As we head into November, we take a look back at October’s news and stories. There were some great fitness and cycling expos across the country, as well as World Mental Health Day and other popular wellbeing days and trends online.
So, we’ve picked out some notable pieces from the papers. Interested to see what the reports have been saying? Take a look below!


Newspaper: The Daily Mail
Headline: “Daredevils can go wild on this crazy Croatian adventure”
Written by: Joe Kessel (Twitter / @joe_kessel)
Summary: This is a feature by Joe Kessel who talks about her recent Croatian adventure holiday. Why is it of interest? Featuring an array of activities in her outward-bound Croatian get-away, Jo discusses the ins-and-outs of her holiday experience (of which she was out of her comfort zone). Fun and interesting reading!
Newspaper: The Sunday Times, Travel Magazine
Headline: “A triathlon-themed Greek holiday isn’t just for the hardcore”
Written by: Tim Heming (Twitter / @Timheming)
Summary: This feature, written by Tim Heming,  discusses his recent Greek triathlon-themed vacation. A wide range of triathlon lovers – with an array of abilities – offer great insight into how the trip is more than just an intense triathlon camp. You learn it includes a wide range of leisure activities that you can get involved with – great if you’re into triathlon-themed holidays.
Newspaper: The Sunday Times, Style Magazine
Headline: “How to train like a pro”
Written by: Jessica Salter (Twitter / @JesSalter)
Summary: In this feature, Jessica Salter gives us an insight in the latest fitness techniques and top tips that professional athletes use to bolster their performance. Jess talks to GB and England Athletics’ running coach- Nick Anderson- to share with us his wealth of knowledge and the techniques he uses with top level athletes to improve your own workouts.


Newspaper: i Weekend
Headline: “How Farah made fast work of his switch to marathon man”
Written by: Matt Butler (Twitter / @mattbutler503)
Summary: In this piece, Matt Butler discusses the recent success of Mo Farah at the Chicago Marathon. The London 2012 star came in first place with a European record of 2:05:11. It seems the man behind the ‘Mobot’ continues to impress, and will surely be eying a Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal.
Newspaper: The Sunday Telegraph
Headline: “Eleven goes streaming on to the pitch as sport heads over the top”
Written by: Christopher Williams (Twitter / @cg_williams)
Summary: This is a news article by Christopher Williams, focusing on the impact Eleven Sports is having on the UK sports broadcasting industry. It features former head of BT’s television business Marc Watson, and his plans to introduce an independent premium sports service in the UK with Eleven Sports. After early success this season, by securing the rights of live football in 11 markets including Spain, Italy and Portugal, could Eleven Sports enable us to view sport in a new light?
Newspaper: The Sunday Telegraph
Headline: “Will the tech sweet spot last?”
Summary: In this news article, the portfolio manager of Allianz Technology Trust – Walter Price – explains how he believes the technology industry can continue to grow and remain the largest contributor to the global economy. Even after this recent rapid growth, Walter believes the technology industry will not slow down and will only keep expanding. A fascinating insight into the future of technology with one of the industry’s leading experts!
Written by Charlie Casey