“360 Athlete Support” is set to redefine the standards of athlete support within the industry, empowering athletes to thrive in all facets of their lives. 

ZURICH, Switzerland, May 13, 2024 – ​ Swiss sportswear brand On is proud to announce its “360 Athlete Support” program, aimed at revolutionizing how athletes are supported both on and off the field. Developed in collaboration with Swiss Triathlon legend Nicola Spirig, who transitioned into a part-time role at On after her impressive career ended, this innovative initiative aims to introduce a new philosophy of holistic athlete support to the sporting world.

True to its roots as a brand founded by athletes, On has embarked on a journey to redefine athlete support, understanding that a comprehensive approach to well-being is essential for unlocking an athlete’s true potential. Through its “360 Athlete Support” program, On aims to provide its athletes with valuable resources and education, covering various aspects of their lives often overlooked in traditional sponsor-athlete partnerships.

As “360 Athlete Support” Project Lead, Triathlon legend Nicola Spirig brings invaluable expertise and experience to the program. With 25 years of international racing experience, including five Olympics, numerous World Championships, and an impressive collection of medals, Spirig knows what athletes need to be successful and offers a wealth of knowledge to enhance their journey both during and after their sporting careers.

“Back when training and racing myself, I realized that every little detail counts if you want to win the big races. To get the best out of yourself as an athlete and a person, you need a lot of support. Therefore, I was very interested to continue my partnership with On being involved with this program”, says Nicola Spirig. “Having On redefining the partnership with its athletes in such a way can be a game changer for them. I really appreciate the chance to use my experience and my network to help our athletes become the best versions of themselves, both in their sporting endeavors and in life beyond the finish line.”

“We have been at Nicola’s side for over ten years during her athletic career. To bring her on board to lead a program that supports our On athletes in a new, innovative way was the perfect extension of that partnership beyond her active career”, says Flavio Calligaris, Global Head of Athlete Strategy & Partnership at On. “Not only did we get to continue to work with Nicola in a meaningful way, but our current athletes also get to benefit from her many years of experience and intimate knowledge of athlete needs.”

Based on multiple athlete surveys conducted between 2022 and 2023 in which all On athletes could provide feedback on their biggest challenges and wishes, “360 Athlete Support” is built upon six fundamental pillars:

Physical & Mental Preparation: Equipping athletes with the tools and strategies to optimize their physical and mental well-being for peak performance.

Health & Recovery: Providing comprehensive support for injury prevention, rehabilitation, and overall health questions.

Finance: Offering financial planning and management training to ensure athletes can navigate the complexities of their financial futures with confidence.

Personal Branding & Media: Assisting athletes in developing their personal brands and navigating social media and media engagements to maximize their visibility and impact.

Personal & Career Development: Empowering athletes to pursue personal growth and career opportunities beyond their athletic endeavors and creating a specific development plan with them.

On Family Experience: Fostering a sense of community and belonging among On athletes through events that create a network that extends far beyond the track, road, or court.

The program offers three levels of supportOn level one, the athletes have access to information and guidelines and a network of fellow athletes on a dedicated athlete platform. Level two consists of online and in-person workshops on topics from the different pillars. Athletes can benefit from individual support and 1:1 coaching sessions with renowned coaches on level three.

Participation is voluntary, and all athletes, from talents at the beginning of their careers to the big stars of their respective sports, have access to all three levels of the program – the first two are unlimited, and each athlete receives an equal number of free 1:1 coaching sessions each year.

To deliver the coaching sessions, On has, for example, partnered with sports psychologist Henning Thrien, Swiss Sports Nutrition Society president Joelle Flück, and futurist and career coach Jörg Blunder.

Out of On’s 190 sponsored athletes from 37 nations, about 90 have already participated in initiatives from the program’s early roll-out phase.

On Athletics Club Europe member Revée Walcott-Nolan (GB) shared her experience, using the career coaching pillar: “Speaking with Jörg really helped me to start thinking about the career path I want to take.”, while On trail athlete Antoine Charvolin (FRA) was able to benefit from the medical support pillar of the program after a recent injury: “There is no doubt that I would not have been able to recover so quickly without the support of the Athlete 360 Support Program.”

“We are still far from being done with the program and will continue to roll out new aspects continuously and adapt and redefine the present ones to the athletes’ needs. 360 Athlete Support is an integral part of our athlete partnerships, and we understand it as a long-term project that will continue to grow and evolve with the athletes’ needs”, Spirig concludes.

Photograhy: ©On / @Logan Swney

PR Contact: Sam Begg – sam@aspirepr.co.uk