Open water swimming is booming, and for good reason. Not much compares to the thrill and simplicity of swimming freely in open waters. At a time where pools and sporting facilities have been forced to close for extended periods, there has never been a better time to connect with nature and enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors through swimming.

According to the Outdoor Swimmer 2021 Trends Report from February 2021, outdoor swimming has increased in the UK by between 1.5 and 3 times since 2019. On top of this, 45% of swimmers increased how much they swim outside in 2020. The statistics show how this enriching activity is quickly building in popularity and reputation.

While open water swimming is extremely beneficial to mental and physical health, keeping safe in the water remains crucial and is an absolute must. Because of this, Zone3 has produced a number of excellent products designed to keep swimmers safe, seen and swimming comfortably in the water. See below for some go-to pieces of kit!

Neoprene Swim Socks

£29.99 – available here.

Designed to be tight fitting to ensure minimal water entry and also to help maintain a strong leg-kick whilst swimming, these neoprene socks are a must. Featuring a unique design with longer length and Velcro strap, a high stretch 2mm neoprene designed to be a tight but comfortable and a gripped sole, this is a key part of a neoprene accessory range designed for year-round use.

Neoprene Swim Gloves

£29.99 – available here.

The body’s extremities always feel the cold the most, so the primary function of the Zone3 open water Swimming Gloves is to keep hands insulated from the cold, making off-season and chilly swims more manageable. They’re secure and tight-fitting to prevent water ingress, they offer added stability whilst allowing maximum feel in the water – and in turn this helps reduce fatigue.

Neoprene Swim Cap

£29.99 – available here.

Anyone who has experienced ‘brain-freeze’ when swimming in cold water will know how valuable triathlon skull caps can be! Zone3’s premium Neoprene Skull Cap provides warmth while maintaining good hydrodynamics through the water. The design is focused on making this cap the best fit possible, with a Velcro strap under the chin to cater for different head sizes.

Advance Wetsuit

£89.50 – available here and here.

Stay warm, swim faster, save energy and spend less money – these are all key characteristics of the Advance Wetsuit. Recognised by many to be the best entry level suit on the market, it features a new and improved Flex-Fit shoulder panel layout and also uses Eco Friendly Neoprene, which utilises the latest earth mined limestone and scrap rubber tires helps us to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 200g per suit.

Polar Fleece Parka Robe

£129.00 – available here.

What happens when you come out of the water? It’s time to warm up in style. The parka robe-style jacket has been designed to give protection from the elements when going to and from the water. Its three-quarter length helps lock in body warmth and also provides enough cover to get changed before and after your session.

Swim Safety Buoy & Dry Bag 28L

£32.50 – available here.

This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing kit in whilst swimming, and it is very handy to use as an inflatable buoy for increased visibility in open water. Once inflated it can comfortably support the weight of an adult, so there’s no need to worry about safety. Offering high visibility, it keeps kit safe and dry and delivers low drag when on the water!

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