Aspire takes a look at how Social Media will be upping the ante in 2018 with a round-up of the latest trending research.

Research from the University of Arizona* is the latest to highlight how social media is fast becoming the number one means of spreading the health and fitness message. Studies into the impact of fitness-related posts on Instagram and Facebook found that people are influenced more by exercise-related posts from friends than any other topic. It’s no surprise then that the health sector is closely following the emerging trends in social media such as:

All Out Influence

Whilst artificial intelligence and Chatbots have a greater part to play online, the rise of the human touch, in the shape of flesh and blood influencers, continues at a pace.
The success of having a bona fide user singing the praises of a product or service via their social media channels is having a game-changing impact on marketing strategies. Just under half (49%) of Instagram/Twitter uses go by the word of influencers whilst research shows that 90% of marketers have found influencers an effective tool with a potential to produce a 10-time rise in conversion rates.
Chatbots aren’t a passing fad though. Their ability to remove the need for consumers to wait for a rep to answer is eliminating call waiting times and changing customer service interactions at a steady pace. Research published by suggests that up to 30% of all chat conversations on the Internet is with Chatbots already.

Video Re-order

90% of content shared via messaging last year was video – and this year that trend only looks like growing further, especially as one US business marketing survey found that 82% of people prefer a video from a brand than a regular social post.

Blog Off?

A LiveStream survey for New York Magazine has found that 4 out of 5 people would rather watch live video from a brand than read a blog. And when it comes to video it’s the ephemeral content – short stories that are available for less than 24 hours – which is being snapped up by the users of Instagram and Snapchat at a phenomenal rate. It is estimated that 80% of all global internet traffic will be video by 2020 as applications such as Facebook Live, which enables influencers, brands and marketers to give their audience a real-time experience, take hold.

Old Age Ads

Millennials and Generation Z’ers (born 1995-2012) not only lead the way in digital engagement – they’re also more likely to use ad-blockers as they disengage from traditional adverts.

What’s Trending…


Plog On!

#Plogging, the latest fitness fad from Sweden, which combines exercise with environmental clean-up is trending heavily on social media. According to the Swedish-based fitness app, Lifesum, which helps users track their plogging activity, just 30 minutes of jogging plus picking up litter will burn 288 calories for the average person. A brisk half hour walk without any pick-ups burns only 120.

Hot Yoga

The resurgence of yoga as the fitness trend for 2018 has gained further momentum now that US tech giant Apple has filed a patent for a yoga calorie counting tool according to @PatentProfiler. This yoga version of fitbit gives users an accurate estimate of the number of calories burned during a workout and will further enhance the Apple Watch offer.

Word Of Warning

It’s not all good news though. Google Search Data and a new study by fitness equipment specialists RDX** shows how an increasing number of UK adults are going online to reveal insecurities about their bodies. ‘Muscles that won’t grow’, ‘Body parts that are too big’ and the ‘Most common sources of pain’ all featured heavily in a survey of online searches which led psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper to suggest that; ‘Increasingly, social media plays into how positively or negatively a person feels about their own body.’