Career background & highlights…

I graduated from University with a Classics degree, leaving with me a love of all things ancient but no clear career plan! I fell in love with PR after an doing an internship at MADE.COM and, after completing a work experience placement at Penguin Random House, I worked as an in-house PR in publishing for over 3 years. After a brief stint in the charity sector, I joined Aspire at the start of 2022, excited to experience agency life and work with a values driven team.

Role at Aspire…

I’m an Account Manager at Aspire, working across OOFOS, Zone3 and Sealskinz primarily – which is brilliantly varied. Beyond working with clients on a day to basis, I love keeping informed about industry and media trends, as well as any and every opportunity to meet journalists and influencers – especially at events!

How far removed is your childhood dream for what you are doing today?

In a weird way, not that far! I essentially wanted to be my big sister when I was little and she has worked in PR for over 10 years.

Best adventure?

Living in Kenya during my childhood.  The wildlife, national parks, and coastline are some of the most beautiful in the world and, the older I get, the more I appreciate what a magical time we had. My parents home-schooled me and we’d always take Fridays off to go to the beach – which I still miss! The older I get, however, the more I also recognise and understand the challenges in Kenya, from the ongoing criminalisation of LGBTQ+ persons, as well as the devastating droughts. I’ll always be grateful to my parents for giving me my best adventure, and I would love to visit again one day.

Adventure you most desire?

I read about hiking in the Dolomites in the New York Times last year and I would love to try a long-distance trek in such a majestic landscape.

Someone you really admire?

Deaf actress and Strictly Come Dancing champion Rose Ayling-Ellis. She has used her platform and on-screen presence in mainstream media to reframe deafness – and disability more broadly – as something to be celebrated, as well as inspiring deaf children across the UK to embrace their identities and pursue their passions.

What kept you going during lockdown?

Early morning walks and learning to bake. I felt so lucky to live near accessible green spaces in the city, and to be able to spend time outdoors. I’ve kept the walks going but I have stopped baking now I’ve discovered my local cafe makes incredible vegan babka.

Something the team doesn’t know about me but they do now?   

I have just started learning beginner’s BSL! I’ve wanted to learn for years and I have finally signed up as one of my New Year resolutions this year. If anything, I hope it will make me a better communicator – and allow me to appreciate and admire BSL interpreters at live events even more.

What’s recently grabbed your attention?

The rise of small brands setting the standard for sustainable fashion, including eco-conscious gym wear. From the innovative use of upcycled materials to plantable packaging, it’s inspiring to see how some fashion-led activewear brands are leading the way to a more sustainable future.

What do you love about this industry?

People’s energy! Everyone I have met so far takes so much pleasure in exercise, fitness, and moving their bodies and it is truly infectious – the team’s weekly PT session on Zoom has fast become a highlight of my week.

Outside of work Antonia enjoys swimming in the pond or any lido, cooking new vegan recipes, and reading second-hand books she finds while scouring the many wonderful bookshops in North London.