By Cameron Pope
After completing my first year at the University of Brighton, studying Sport Business Management, a long summer awaited me. I took this opportunity to get in touch with the team at Aspire and asked if they could provide me with a few weeks of work experience to broaden my understanding of the marketing world.
Kindly, the team took me on board and gave me the opportunity to do just that. Throughout my two weeks with the company, I was assigned various tasks and responsibilities that all helped me to understand the company – from many different angles. The tasks varied from inputting and monitoring client media coverage, to attending a client event.
Over the two weeks, I was given an insight into many different types of clients – in the sports and health industry – and the different projects they are working on. I have gained a mass of experience from working with Aspire, all of which I will take forward with me in the future in pursuit of a career in the marketing world.

My first event

As mentioned, I attended an event with Aspire for client On. On partnered up with Switzerland Tourism in a bid to make Switzerland a desirable destination for runners in the UK, and this was marked with an influencer project. The idea was to provide shoes for running influencers training for the Lucerne Marathon in Switzerland, and in return they push the brand over social media and their blogs.
The event itself took place at Runner’s Need in Camden and comprised of a shoe giving at the start. Some chose the Cloudflow model, while others went for the Cloud X. On UK Sales Director, Olly Laws was also in attendance at the event and he explained to the influencers the design of the shoes, how they will benefit their running technique and how they create greater comfort.
This was followed by a run by, which went from the shop, up to Regents Park and Primrose Hill and back. The influencers were able to create some great photos and content throughout, with the views and route offering a lot of help with this! The event was received well by all the influencers, who all seemed thoroughly excited by their new On running shoes and the project itself.

A great two weeks

Overall, I really appreciated the opportunity that was given to me by Aspire during the two weeks of work. I learnt how a marketing and PR company really works, from the day-to-day running of the business, to the future planning. It has given me insight into what goes on in this world; from pitching to magazine and print articles to the use of online social media with influencers.
I have also understood better the different ways that content creation for companies can have an impact, and why it’s so important. From brainstorming, to targeting audience, to the basics of website editing via WordPress. Being in a workplace culture was something new to me too, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I look forward to working with Aspire in the future!