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Bringing Absolute Sanctuary closer to the UK


Absolute Sanctuary


Make Asia’s top wellness resort for fitness, health and weight management relevant to a UK audience.

Absolute Sanctuary is one of Asia’s top resorts for fitness, health and lifestyle. Aspire helped to show that its world-class facilities and expert instructors are an attractive alternative to competitor resorts in Europe.

A refreshingly different experience

Absolute Sanctuary, located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand, offers some of the most highly rated yoga, Pilates, fitness and life-change programmes.

But with UK consumers focusing on European wellness resorts closer to home, Absolute Sanctuary needed a PR boost to let people know why its wellness options, climate and facilities made it well worth the travel.

Aspire began a three-month awareness project to reintroduce the resort to UK health and fitness journalists and influencers.

The aim was to make the resort relevant to the UK media, and to mark it out as a distinctively different option from European competitors.

“You’ll get world-class teachers and the chance to pick and mix from a variety of yoga styles at this great-value retreat in a peaceful corner of Koh Samui.”

Conde Nast Traveller

Make people mindful of the star treatments

We worked with Absolute Sanctuary to identify wellness programs that would resonate with UK consumers, such as sleep and anti-stress therapies.

We produced press materials focusing on the headline treatments and worked with Absolute Sanctuary’s experts to produce a package of ‘hints and tips’.

By explaining the benefits through packaged content, we could maximise media opportunities without journalists having to visit the resort.

We also ran press and influencer trips to the Koh Samui resort to ensure more in-depth media coverage and to create an online buzz during January when wellness holiday bookings are at their peak.

Putting the resort on the map


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Revitalising results

Aspire’s plan to revitalise the Absolute Sanctuary brand in the UK hit the target with a wide range of media coverage, including features in leading health and travel titles such as Men’s Health, Conde Nast Traveller and The Times.

The influencers’ experiences of the Thai resort also helped to spread the word online and created widespread awareness of Absolute Sanctuary to a new audience in the UK.

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