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Getting people pedalling for Club Peloton’s good causes


Club Peloton


Increase the profile of Club Peloton and attract people to participate in its fundraising events.

Club Peloton has given over £4 million in grants since it began in 2006. Aspire has helped to raise the profile of its cycling events and inspire people from all different backgrounds to get on their bike for a good cause.

The property industry event of the year

Club Peloton was established in 2006 as a fundraising charity that specialises in creating business networks.

It uses cycling as a platform for challenge events, bringing together a passion for the sport and the opportunity to raise money for great causes.

Its flagship ride is the annual Cycle to MIPIM, in which participants ride in relay format from London to Cannes, arriving in time for MIPIM, the world’s leading international real estate fair.

Aspire has worked with Club Peloton since 2012. Our brief each year is to launch key events in the Club Peloton portfolio, attract participants and sponsors for the events, and increase the profile of Club Peloton online.

“Aspire helps us to meet our objectives in developing our brand and promoting the involvement of our sponsors and partners.”

Nick Hanmer
Chief Executive, Club Peloton

Helping Club Peloton to ride high


raised by Club Peloton since working with Aspire in 2012


growing Twitter community with monthly engagement rates of 4%


female riders in Cycle to MIPIM 2019

Building relationships and reputation

Aspire supports Club Peloton’s profile throughout the year to its membership base and works closely with EG, its media partners, providing support for the key events in the annual calendar: Cycle to MIPIM, Cycle to MAPIC and pedElle.

To maximise the relationship with EG and to ensure the Club Peloton website is engaging and informative, we produce creative content featuring influential riders and interesting story angles.We focus on high quality imagery and video to ensure that features stand out in print and online. 

During the year we manage a content feed on Twitter and LinkedIn…When on an event, we post daily updates on the Club Peloton website for sharing through social media channels as well as continuing to support Twitter and Instagram activities. And at the end of the ride, amidst the champagne and celebrations, we manage a photo call that is often attended by high-profile personalities.

We also work hard throughout the year to build relationships with key sponsors to deliver more value and raise awareness of the charities benefitting from the event.

Cementing Club Peloton’s leading position

Through our sustained activity and profile raising, we have successfully positioned Club Peloton as a brand and event organiser that is highly regarded within the property industry and beyond.

We work closely with media partner EG and we successfully increased Club Peloton’s media coverage in the property and cycling press in the UK and France, with features in City AM, City Matters, Financial Times, Property Week, Property Mall, PezCycling News, MIPIM News, OPP Today, La Nouvelle Republique and Building Magazine.

Club Peloton has been featured in City AM, City Matters, Financial Times, Property Week, Property Mall, PezCycling News, MIPIM News, OPP Today, La Nouvelle Republique and Building Magazine.

Club Peloton is now well known for its professional, well-organised and enjoyable events. Participation has more than doubled in size during our journey with Club Peloton and its community now has 275 paid-up members.

We support the eight events that Club Peloton organises and runs throughout the year, including pedElle, which is aimed at women working within real estate.

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