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Promoting the sustainable brand ethos of Evveervital




Launch a new ethically aware activewear brand to UK media and influencers

In a crowded market it can be hard to gain a credible foothold. Aspire helped Evveervital to connect with ambassadors and influencers and get the message out that if you want stylish, sustainable activewear you don’t need to compromise on premium quality or ethical standards.

Turning green roots into green shoots

Evveervital was founded by Katrin Schneck, who was inspired to create an exclusive, premium-quality range of activewear with minimal impact on the environment.

Katrin’s vision is a stylish and functional workout range which is modern in style and technical in innovation. All the garments have minimal labelling and are packed in recyclable plastic bags and sent out in recyclable mailsacks.

The product speaks for itself but how could we amplify the sustainable brand story of Evveervital through media and influencers?

“Evveervital is the brand you see fitness bloggers in and wish that your workout wardrobe looked that chic.”

Women’s Health Magazine

Creating a natural brand buzz

Aspire worked closely with the Evveervital founder and her team to launch the brand to UK media and influencers.

Prior to launch Aspire curated the brand messages and strategy. We wanted the brand to stand out for both its green credentials and its style and premium performance.

Aspire ran a fully integrated launch. For traditional press we created press packs and hosted deskside briefings with key media to ensure that the brand messaging was understood. This was followed up with a product seeding programme.

Due to lead times and product availability we knew that the online strategy had to create an instant buzz. Aspire identified social influencers who could not only deliver this, but who could also authentically represent Evveervital.

We worked with the brand to create and design its brand ambassador programme and activation trip for highly engaged social influencers who could collaborate on content throughout the year.

Getting the word out


Articles in print and online publications over 4 months


Total reach of the media coverage


Total reach of the social media coverage

All set for long-lasting success

Evveervital has quickly established itself as a go-to UK brand for ethical exercisers. In a world where the fashion industry is the second-largest polluter, the arrival of Evveervital could not have come soon enough.

The positivity of the brand’s sustainability ethos was matched in its reception across the media: “This luxury sports bra feels like second skin. Equally fashionable and functional,” enthused Women’s Running magazine.

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