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Getting Sealskinz gloves into the right hands




Launch Fusion Control™ gloves with key media and influencers in the UK

Fusion Control™ gloves use the latest waterproof technology from Sealskinz. The innovation promises to take waterproof protection and handling dexterity to the next level for all kinds of outdoor activities. Sealskinz asked us to put the gloves into the right hands and generate buzz with media and influencers. 

Improving exposure and visibility 

Sealskinz products have long been trusted by athletes for performance in the toughest weather conditions.

Fusion Control™ glove technology is the British company’s latest innovation. This new solution bonds the liner and outer shell to a unique hydrophilic membrane to create a 100% waterproof fabric for better breathability and better control. 

Sealskinz asked Aspire to introduce new Fusion Control™ gloves to the right people within our network – the most influential media contacts and most credible brand influencers.

Our objective was to achieve immediate and long-term exposure for this exciting new development in waterproof outdoor accessories.

“It was just a perfect afternoon. I loved the rides so much… and love the Sealskinz gloves as well.”

Leanne Kelsall
Luxurious Magazine

Putting on a memorable event

To generate buzz for the launch of Fusion Control™ and build relationships between the brand and attendees, we recommended an engaging, physical, outdoor event for key UK media and influencers that was entirely COVID-secure.

We immediately set out to design and host an interactive, immersive and bold event experience that would offer first-hand testing, knowledge and insights of the Sealskinz brand.

With a focus on cycling, we wanted to highlight the new gloves as the number one tool to keep riders going through winter, with a secondary focus on trail running.

We chose the location of Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey as it offered beautiful surroundings with mountain bike routes and trail runs around its vineyards followed by hospitality at the Estate restaurant.

Our target invitees included cycling media as well as health and fitness and lifestyle journalists. We also invited running influencers to test the new gloves and understand the brand’s wider product offering.

With bikes supplied by Just Pedal and everything in place to ensure a COVID secure event, we offered our guests a choice of 3 different off-road rides and a trail run.

We planned the event details, crafted assets, secured attendees, and hosted the day. We also looked beyond the event on how we could maximise exposure with media contacts and influencers who had been unable to attend.

Giving the brand some fizz


estimated monthly online visits


circulation from media coverage


followers from social coverage

Connecting with top titles and influencers

The event was the first UK launch of its kind for Sealskinz. Everything ran smoothly and the guests loved the location, real life product testing and positive, energetic atmosphere.

14 key influencers and media attended and generated 6 pieces of media coverage and 17 social posts from the day. Follow-on coverage created 43.1m estimated monthly visits and 51.7k estimated views including coverage in a host of titles from Women’s Running Magazine and 220 Triathlon to Cycling UK and HYPEBEAST. 

Influencers amplified the positive vibes even further. Jess Strange of Velo Me said: “Breakthrough weatherproof technologies are at the forefront of the Sealskinz brand. Fusion Control™ offers unparalleled breathability while remaining 100% waterproof and windproof.” 

The event connected the brand to some of the UK’s most influential titles and individuals. While some of the attendees had tried the brand before, many hadn’t and were genuinely curious about Fusion Control™ technology and the brand’s other game-changing products.

The event was pivotal in positioning Sealskinz as a must-have, industry-leading, innovative brand, firmly on the radars of those who need to know about it.

“Thanks on what really was quite an historic day for Sealskinz as a brand. In the 7 years of working with the brand we have never held such an event and it was honestly such a positive day. This would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Vikki, Josh and Layla from Aspire. The day was organised perfectly and having 100% attendance was testament to the hard work put in the preparation of the event. On behalf of the company THANK YOU , you are making such a positive difference.”

Gareth Jolly
Head of Sales, Sealskinz