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Hooking up UK consumers with the kkdu plum bike trailer


kkdu plum


Introduce the kkdu plum bike trailer to the lifestyle market in the UK.

kkdu plum is an award-winning design that has a dual function as a bike trailer and shopping trolley. The brand is Australian, but the concept came from a trip to the British seaside. Aspire’s challenge was to bring the innovative product back to its roots and raise awareness in the UK lifestyle media. 

Innovative Aussie brand. A very British problem. 

kkdu plum is the brainchild of husband and wife team Haydn and Astrid Sharratt. The idea came about when the couple drove to the seaside in a car loaded with stuff then struggled to find a car park and transport their kit to the beach. 

The result was the kkdu plum – a 2-wheeled trailer that can simply and quickly attach to a bike or transition in seconds to a 3-wheeled shopping cart. 

This clever concept is sturdy enough to safely carry bulky items yet compact enough to easily store. It’s built for the country but ideal for city life. It can encourage people to use cars less as heavy shopping or other items can be transported by bike. 

Haydn and Astrid Sharratt asked Aspire to launch this design icon in the UK over a three month period. The objective was to raise brand awareness and secure premium positioning in the lifestyle market. 

“The very clever kkdu plum lets you create your very own bespoke bike trailer.”

Stylist Magazine

Moving kkdu plum into the spotlight

Our strategy was to gain exposure using a PR campaign that targeted lifestyle media titles and their active ABC1 audience.

We started a campaign to gain brand exposure and credibility using: 

  • press releases distributed to a mix of media lifestyle titles 
  • press briefings and communications with traditional and online media
  • background media information and company founder profiles

Our approach emphasised the USPs that make kkdu plum such a unique product. This focused on the outdoor lifestyle aspects, the huge benefit it offers parents who are weighed down with children’s belongings and the beautiful design of the product.

We also used a brand partnership with tokyobike, London, for a feature in Outdoor Fitness magazine to influence consumers who care about product design and aesthetics.

Pushing big numbers


total media reach across print and online


features in key lifestyle titles

Enjoying the journey together

Our campaign helped kkdu plum generate print and online coverage in key design, lifestyle and health and fitness titles, including Homes and Gardens, Livingetc, Stylist, Smallish and Women’s Fitness magazines.

From the outset we had a great working relationship with the kkdu plum team and the brand partners at tokyobike.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Aspire from day one,” said co-founder Haydn Sharratt.

“Aspire got on board to help launch our bike trailer to the UK market and they quickly established themselves as an invaluable resource to us, working as an extension of our family team in Melbourne.” 

“The team are very passionate, hard-working and thrive to deliver results. I simply cannot recommend them enough and have thoroughly enjoyed our journey with them so far.”

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