How virtual PR showed the recovery powers of OOFOS eeZee shoes




Launch the eeZee recovery shoes to UK journalists and influencers.

When the global pandemic made face-to-face events impossible, we had to find virtual ways to launch the OOFOS eeZee shoe range. Luckily for us, OOFOS eeZee footwear is designed for maximum comfort to help runners recover from training exertions – the perfect shoe to get everyone to try at home. 

Gaining a foothold in the UK

Recovery is a key part of any running schedule, yet it is often the most neglected aspect. OOFOS Recovery Footwear neatly meets the need of anyone who has pounded the streets and parks. 

OOFOS shoes have been engineered to help feet recover faster from a long day or gruelling run. They use revolutionary OOfoam® technology to absorb 37% more impact than traditional footwear helping to reduce stress on feet and joints.

The brand has been growing in the UK and asked Aspire to help launch the new eeZee shoe range with journalists and influencers. The objective was to help OOFOS gain an even bigger foothold in the UK market.

“Recovery footwear is seriously one of the best things you can do for your running health and injury prevention.”

Women’s Running

Bringing people together remotely

 Uncertainty and change are something we all had to cope with in 2020, and for us this meant we had to find clever, creative ways to hold events and be ready to pivot quickly.
For the OOFOS eeZee launch, we decided to create an engaging and interactive video event to showcase the recovery benefits of the footwear range.
Our idea was to make the most of people joining the event from home, the usual environment where they would relax, recover and wear the eeZee shoes.
We carefully designed the length and structure of the event to maintain interest and keep people engaged. And sent OOFOS eeZee shoes to the home address of attendees so they could experience the footwear before, during and after the launch.
The event involved a mix of talks from OOFOS experts and practical break-out sessions.
We partnered with The Flexology Studio, London’s first premium stretching studio, and its expert Flexologists delivered an interactive stretching taster session and short talk about the importance of recovery to one’s wellbeing and performance.
The event was rounded off with a meditation session from Happy Heads and their founder Kim Murray. Kim is a mental health coach and meditation teacher with clients including Stella McCartney, Facebook and Moo. Kim teaches busy individuals to stop, think and breathe, empowering them with simple mindful tools and techniques. Her session was inspiring, insightful, relaxing and, most important of all, easily put into practice away from the event.
Maintaining a flexible approach to the eeZee launch was key to its success. We quickly changed the running order after the initial OOFOS brand introduction to open the floor to questions as this naturally suited the flow. 
The fact that the event had maximum attendance from media and influencers was a reflection that we had got the format just right for the respective audience.

Making big strides in social coverage


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Making an impact with the UK media

The OOFOS eeZee launch delivered great results with UK media and influencers.

The eeZee range received vital coverage in the busy festive period in Run24/7, Athletics Weekly, Women’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Sustain Health, Marie Claire, Luxurious Mag, Women’s Running, Coach and the Daily Telegraph.

The event generated 20 pieces of online and offline coverage with an online readership of 124 million, 165k coverage views, 141 social shares, 13.2k Youtube views and a circulation of 367k.

We learned lots from hosting a virtual event. There are things we might do differently in the next one such as more advice on what to prepare for practical sessions and asking attendees to think of questions before the event, but the OOFOS eeZee launch showed that virtual events could be just as effective as physical meet-ups.