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How Zone3 made the transition to the mainstream




Launch Zone3 fitness and compression apparel to the health and fitness media in the UK.

Zone3 is the world’s highest rated triathlon brand. Its apparel is used by all kinds of triathletes, from elite-level competitors to first-time enthusiasts of the swim-bike-run format. When the brand launched its new range of fitness and compression products for 2019-2020, it was time to extend its reach to the non-triathlon media.

Pushing Zone3 further 

Zone3 is a British company that has built a strong reputation in the endurance sports market. 

In the triathlon world where there is an obsession with turning small details into marginal gains – from nutrition and training to equipment and technique – Zone3 is known for innovative design and delivering improved performance

When Zone3 asked Aspire to launch its new product range, it was the perfect opportunity to spread its message further and wider and reach the growing numbers interested in cycling, running, swimming and fitness.

Letting the performance do the talking

Aspire set out to create a buzz for Zone3 in the non-triathlon media, including health and fitness, lifestyle, nationals, technology and running titles.

The new Zone3 range included a variety of products; from jackets and long-sleeve t-shirts, to 2-in-1 shorts and baselayers. Our strategy was to focus initially on the medical grade compression tights to capture interest followed up by coverage of other performance products.

Knowing that Zone3 has proven credentials in the triathlon world we were confident we could target journalists who were unfamiliar with the brand, get them to road-test the products and let the performance speak for itself.

Spreading the Zone3 message 

To support our relationship building with journalists and influencers, we created a suite of content including:

  • An introduction to Zone3’s compression & fitness range
  • A guide to winter training
  • How to kick start your marathon training
  • A closer look at compression

After holding an event for another Aspire client that included a tough treadmill and HIIT session, we gave the assembled journalists a ‘Recovery Pack’ that included Zone3’s compression calf sleeves to take-away and test.

We also designed an event dedicated to the “Science Supporting Marathon Recovery” which would engage and educate media on the benefits of proper recovery and generate coverage after the event.  

Making a splash in the media


media articles


media circulation


pieces of social coverage

Working wonders in print and online

The Zone3 fitness and compression range received widespread coverage in the mainstream press, including the IndependentSustain HealthGo Sweat GoThe Times and T3.

Some journalists used the calf sleeves for marathon training and competing in races and raved that the compression sleeves were “awesome”, “worked wonders” and “had truly worked with the recovery”. 

Athletics Weekly reported that “The higher denier strength material and targeted support reduces muscle oscillation, which in turn improves performance and reduces injury risk”.

The seamless long sleeve baselayer top was rated “Best for cycling” by Outdoor Fitness. And the compression shorts and compression tights were featured for their performance in health and fitness titles. 

“As a brand, we are well known within the triathlon market, particularly in the UK and in wider parts of Europe. However, with the launch of our Fitness & Compression range, which is aimed at all levels of fitness enthusiasts (largely found outside of triathlon), we needed the expertise of a PR company that had well established links within the media to widen the reach and awareness of this range. We therefore appointed Aspire to launch the Zone3 fitness & compression range to the wider media and they achieved fantastic results of getting awareness and coverage to a wide range of media titles. We worked closely as a team throughout the project staying aligned on strategy and direction at all times.”

Sam Chapman
International Marketing Manager, Zone3