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Introducing TekraSport to the UK media




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Secure press coverage in the UK for TekraSport and its innovative swim safety products.

TekraSport is a fast-growing sports brand from Ireland. Its beautifully engineered products are designed for speed and safety in the open water. But even with an innovative product line-up, TekraSport and other start-ups find it hard to get noticed in the UK media – and that’s where Aspire’s expertise can really help.

Improved performance. Uncompromised safety.

The TekraSport story began on the West Coast of Ireland when John Hanley, a passionate Ironman competitor and engineer, developed a new type of swim safety device.

John uses his engineering background to design products for all levels and abilities, from professionals to beginners, to help swimmers safely push the limits of performance.

Aspire’s mission was to get coverage for TekraSport in the UK media, generate website traffic and promote its flagship product, the TekraPod – a swim safety device that doesn’t drag like a tow float yet is there if a swimmer needs a safety lifeline.

“TekraPod is well-made, robust and a welcome addition to swimmer safety. It would also be useful if you are doing other water-based activities such as stand-up paddleboarding”

Outdoor Swimmer Magazine

Building on the brand’s passion

TekraSport has grown out of a love of the active lifestyle and swimming outdoors. These were strong foundations for us to position TekraSport as an expert on open water swimming and establish TekraPod as a leading open water swim safety device.

We began by creating a press release highlighting the brand’s UK launch and featuring the hero product, theTekraPod. We shared the press materials with a wide range of outdoor, health and fitness titles and national media.

We sent brand packages to seed the products with select media targets. Putting the products in people’s hands enabled genuine and authentic testing experiences. We followed up with our leads so we could help tell the brand story and contribute information to product review pieces.

Finally, we made the most of the successful media coverage by sharing articles and comments on TekraSport’s social media channels and website.

Catching the eye of UK readers


online readership


coverage views



Making an impact with the media

Our PR plan of action successfully targeted top core health and fitness titles including Tri247, TriGear Lab, Wild Swimming, Outdoor Swimmer, Women’s Fitness, Men’s Fitness, National Geographic Traveller, Women’s Health and Men’s Health.

TekraSport earned great praise in each review in the media, proving that the TekraPod is a real competitor to other brands’ tow floats and safety devices.

The technology behind the TekraPod was often mentioned and highlighted, showing the design to be both impressive and easily wearable – and reinforcing the key brand message of precision engineered products.

By converting the price point of TekraPod into pounds sterling we helped the media to understand where the product sits in terms of seriousness and helped get a product link added to online articles.

Coverage in Outdoor Swimmer, 220 Triathlon and the Financial Times ‘How to spend it’ supplemant drove spikes in web traffic. Page views and sessions were twice the level during the PR campaign than in normal times.

Our next steps will be to continue building the brand’s credibility with UK media and grassroots organisations.