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How On and Aspire keep the challenger spirit alive




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Keep the On brand growing and gaining awareness in the UK while staying true to our shared ethos.

On and Aspire have worked together for over a decade. In that time On has seen phenomenal growth and we have been proud to be part of that success. Keeping things fresh can be hard in most relationships but with On we have a kindred spirit who wants to keep moving, challenge the status quo and have fun.

Stronger together

On was founded in 2010 by three friends, Olivier Bernhard, Caspar Coppetti and David Allemann. 

On’s shoes and apparel are renowned for their technical performance and innovative design but the brand’s mission is to keep running fun.

With headquarters in Zurich and offices in Portland (Oregon, USA), Yokohama (Japan) and Melbourne (Australia) the company now sells products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Aspire started working with On in 2011 shortly after its launch. Our brief is to establish and raise awareness of On and its products in the UK.

Over the last decade we have helped On with a wide range of PR and marketing activities. 

We have handled all UK media relations, run the press office, organised athlete, team and event sponsorships, and helped the brand spread its positive message with journalists and influencers.

“Always passionate and committed to securing the best coverage, Aspire is setting the bar for On PR in all countries.”

David Allemann
Founder, On

Secrets of a successful partnership

Over the 10 years we have worked with On, we have constantly thought of new ways to help the brand stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

Just as On is a challenger to established iconic sports brands, we see our role in a similar way. We need to keep moving, keep things fresh and not become complacent about our relationship.

Stay true to core values

When you work with On you can’t help but be struck by their passion and enthusiasm for running and the outdoors. We always try and bring some of that magic to everything we do whether that’s a product launch or retailer promotion.

You can magnify that feeling considerably when people have access to the founders and can hear the On story themselves – as the launch of the Cloudswift shows.

Give people real experiences

The design and craftsmanship from On mean you can let products do the talking. Give people authentic experiences where they have the opportunity to try products in their intended environment and you will build long-term fans.

Our trip to the On mountain hut with its awe-inspiring natural scenery said more about the brand’s passion for the outdoors than any presentation in a hotel conference room.

Inspire with the everyday

We have helped On with successful elite sponsorships but we have also helped people understand how On fits in with their everyday ambitions. 

The 6am Club campaign which we ran from December 2016 to February 2017 used a friends’ pre-work running club to create inspiring stories that anyone could relate to. 

10 years in numbers


media and influencers attending events and press trips


pieces of coverage in trade, consumer, sport, lifestyle and blogs

3 billion

total media reach of On coverage

Never stop learning

Just as On never stop innovating, we believe we should never stop learning. Our media events have always included value-added activities where people can learn more and improve.

At the launch of Cloudswift it was yoga for runners. Professor John Brewer (Head of School of Sport, Health and Applied Science at St Mary’s University in Twickenham) spoke about ‘What makes a runner’s high’ at the launch of the Cloudflow. 

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