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Build brand awareness through influencers and their running communities.

To celebrate the return of parkrun and community running after COVID-19, we held a Moving Meet to connect OOFOS with its core audience of passionate running communities. By quickly organising an informal, micro event, we wanted to give running influencers an authentic experience with the OOFOS brand and deliver its recovery message to their growing fanbase.

Enhancing the OOFOS reputation

Aspire works closely with OOFOS to establish the brand as the leader in the running recovery space. Our events have helped to demonstrate how OOFOS shoes aid the recovery of feet by absorbing 37% more impact than traditional footwear.

In August 2021, with the return of parkrun after a long absence due to the pandemic, we had the chance to build on our previous successes. Using the services of brand ambassador Ross Murray, we wanted to connect OOFOS with influencers, their followers and the community of runners who attend parkrun week after week.

Our aim was to deliver the brand’s message on running recovery in an authentic way and celebrate the joy of community running.

“Recovering in a pair of OOahh slides. Ready to enjoy the rest of the weekend”


Informal. Informative. Inspiring.

The return of parkrun after COVID-19 was a moment of celebration for millions of people around the world who attend the free, weekly event. There seemed no better place to hold our Aspire Moving Meet than Bushy Park, near Hampton Court, the home of parkrun.   Building on the awareness and visibility we had gained across social in our previous OOFOS track event, we again asked Olympic athlete, Ross Murray to host the event, provide expertise on recovery and endorse OOFOS footwear.   To tie in with a growing and engaging influencer and her community, we invited Lillie Bleasdale, influencer and founder of Train PASSA, to co-host the event alongside Ross.  

Both hosts invited 5 guests to create a friendly, informal yet informative, community run group. Following the 5k parkrun, our guests were given OOFOS Ooriginal’s or OOah’s, plus an OOFOS t-shirt and some recovery goodies and snacks.  

Ross and Lillie gave an informal briefing about the OOFOS brand and the importance of recovery. We encouraged hosts and guests to feel the benefits of OOFOS first-hand and post and share their experiences, tagging in @oofosuk.  

Through our informal group of community runners, we could communicate the OOFOS messaging to a wider running audience and enhance the OOFOS reputation as the number one recovery shoe brand.  

Seeing immediate returns on social


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Getting runners feeling the OO!

Basing our activation around parkrun served as a successful opportunity to reach a new community of runners. We were able to celebrate the return of group running and further enhance OOFOS’s reputation and credibility in the running recovery space.

The event was only micro in size with 11 influencers and community runners attending on the day, but it generated 18 pieces of social coverage and a total reach of 22,768 across attendee and host social channels. We also captured some great photography during and after parkrun.

By getting the product straight on to feet after a run, we demonstrated the immediate benefits of the OOFOS footwear. Ross Murray and Lillie Bleasdale talked confidently about OOFOS products and were enthusiastic brand advocates.

Guests enjoyed an authentic, informative experience. Lillie spoke about how OOFOS regularly aids her running recovery whilst training for the London Marathon and this resonated with guests who had run a marathon before or had big events coming up.

Overall, the response to the OOFOS products was very positive. Many guests were pleasantly surprised at the immediate comfort offered by the OOFOS footwear and we saw an immediate reaction on social.