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Raising X-POLE’s reputation in the fitness media




Create an event to introduce X-POLE to the UK health & fitness media.

Pole fitness has a growing fan base thanks to its workouts that mix serious fitness with serious fun. However, there are still negative stereotypes to overcome and not everybody understands the benefits that pole sessions can offer. Aspire was asked to create an event that would put X-POLE centre stage with the health and fitness media.

Putting pole fitness in a positive light

X-POLE was founded in 2003. Its products allow people the opportunity to practice the art of pole fitness at home. 

Over the last 10 years, X-POLE has been developing and refining the design of its X-POLE sets and now offers the most advanced, secure and innovative poles and stages in the world. 

X-POLE has been instrumental in the creation and direction of the pole fitness industry and its growing popularity as a form of exercise. The company has supplied and sponsored competitions across the globe, at both regional and national levels. 

Aspire was asked to create an event to promote pole fitness in a positive light, negating stigma previously associated with this activity, and introduce X-POLE to the UK’s health and fitness media.

“Results are really strong and traffic to our website is at an all-time high.”

Kash Suntharamoorthy
Marketing Director, X-POLE

Celebrating the fitness benefits

We designed an event to give UK media the opportunity to experience the positive benefits of pole fitness for themselves.

We invited a select list of journalists and influencers to enjoy a schedule that included live demonstrations and hands-on participation in pole fitness sessions.

X-POLE brought together brand ambassadors from all over Europe and we used demos and interviews with them to communicate their enthusiasm and passion for the brand.

To help position X-POLE as a positive fitness brand, we developed messaging and press releases that included technical information and a breakdown of the fitness benefits.

We also brought partners on board to supply healthy goodie bags, snacks and refreshments on the day – Pop Chips, Bounce Energy Balls and Little Miracles.

Creating a healthy impression

The event achieved its target and more. Top coverage was achieved in the health and fitness media, including InStyle and Closer magazines, and a spread of exposure in the regional media via the Press Association.

From the event, X-POLE generated a range of assets such as imagery, video and health and fitness messaging which it could use across its website and digital channels.

Most importantly, X-POLE achieved a shift in mindset to position pole fitness as one of the fastest and most fun forms of indoor fitness.

“Aspire impressed with their proactive approach and attention to detail. The team got stuck in and their careful planning ensured we achieved a top class event, with great feedback from the media that got involved,” said Kash Suntharamoorthy, International Marketing, X-POLE.

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