Be a category leader. Inspire new mass market fans.




Today’s consumers choose brands with real principles, heart and intentions.

Our specialist sports and fitness PR services connect your brand truths with core fans to establish leadership in your category.

Our partnership always begins with a clear strategy and plan of action to achieve your ambitions.

We focus on performance credentials first and then break into active lifestyle spaces, win culturally cool new audiences and inspire a mass market following.

Whether your truth is about improving results, getting people active or nurturing wellbeing, we help you to create authentic PR programmes with real purpose.

Let’s achieve great things together.


We create performance dashboards with your input to track the metrics that matter.

Our performance dashboards give you a clear understanding of campaign success. We tailor reporting so you can share data and insight into what works and what doesn’t and make informed decisions about your next steps.


Grow globally with centrally managed PR campaigns for multiple territories.

Grow globally with centrally managed PR campaigns for multiple territories.

Aspire Global Associates offers scalable global PR solutions to suit your different ambitions, budgets and campaign plans.

Carefully selected PR partners

We work with local PR associates who share our values and proven PR experience in the active lifestyle space. Based on your ambitions, we choose the best partners based on relationships with key media titles, influencers and communities. We take care of the contract negotiations, briefings and co-ordinate PR activities on your behalf.

Global expertise. Local tactics.

We work closely with you to develop a lead global strategy and localisation plan to deliver efficiency and consistency. After testing and fine-tuning plans for the UK market, we create a global media hub, organise campaign toolkits and translations and roll-out your campaign effectively with rapid feedback on the results.


Let’s achieve great things together.

Sustainability is a leading issue for active lifestyle, sports, outdoor and wellbeing brands, and a cause that is top of the agenda at Aspire.

Sustainability PR strategy and communications

It’s more important than ever for companies to take a position on climate change, speak out and take action. But knowing where to start can be challenging, especially when today’s consumers are clued up at spotting greenwashing.

At Aspire PR, we believe it’s okay to join the conversation before you have it all figured out. We have recently partnered with a sustainability expert to train our team and develop our own sustainability strategy. It means we can speak to you about our own real experiences and share learnings as we go.

We work with you throughout your sustainability journey, from first steps and messaging to following through with innovation and action:

  • sustainability messaging
  • PR and sustainability communications strategy
  • goal-setting and timelines
  • innovation and organisational initiatives

Our goal is for you to be authentic category leaders on sustainability issues and give substance to your sustainability communications.