Today marks ‘Freedom Day’ across the country, and whilst the immediate future is still uncertain, it’s allowed us to reflect on what the last 16 months have taught us and how unity and compassion can create a positive force for the future.

Our values poem is a simple reminder to be kind, love equally, make time for life’s simpler pleasures, embrace nature fully and keep moving.

Big Hugs,

The Aspire Team

If I had super powers…

We’d inspire the world to get active
and feel good from getting moving

We’d be kind when times are tough
and learn to love everyone equally

We’d be happy in our own skins
and enjoy a good laugh together

We’d chase our big dreams
and still have time for life’s small pleasures

We’d unite to save the planet
and get out in nature more

We’d realise we all have super powers
to change the world around us