Influence is powerful, and now more than ever, platforms such as Instagram are shaping the way marketing and PR is delivered. Reaching out to influential communities is now an important part of building and maintaining professional relationships.

Aspire Community

Over the last few months, at Aspire we have been turning our attention to community, discussing what it means to us in a professional sense, meeting individuals and agencies that represent the health and fitness, lifestyle, running and outdoor industries, and that we feel we have synergy with in terms of ethos and values.

Both through conducting these networking meetings and continuing to create tailormade PR events for clients, we have started to establish a really rich community of like-minded individuals.

We took inspiration from our PR event structure and began exploring new ways in which we can connect our community and clients. After some discussion, we are now excited to unveil our latest community project – Moving Meets.

Moving Meets

Moving Meets is a new event concept by which Aspire will curate unique ’active’ meetings on a regular basis, to boost community interaction or to promote newly released client products (or both!). Each event will be tailor-made allowing us as an agency, to reach out to and explore specific areas of the community in a more concentrated way. It also works for us on another level, as we feel passionate about taking meetings outside of the office. Movement works on every level for us.

We are working closely with locations, designers, clients, exciting new brands and community figures to bring about authentic events that are quick to organise and efficient to execute. This will result in energetic ‘mini’ campaigns that will push client reach and nurture, and hopefully excite the Aspire community.

Watch this space

Over the coming weeks, we will be launching a number of Moving Meets across the country, each unique in focus and original in design. We’re excited to share more with you very soon and we hope you’ll all come on the journey with us.