Aspire PR is pleased to announce Balega an award-winning and category-leading brand for running socks in the USA, UK and South Africa as a new client.

To start off, the Aspire team were able to try some pairs of Balega socks, and here is what they thought:


So far I have tried the Hidden Comfort and absolutely love them! Firstly, I was very impressed that they were small enough to fit my tiny feet and they genuinely fit a size 2 really, really well with everything sitting as it should so there’s no scrunching up or slipping down as I run.  They are cotton wool soft and so cushiony and as Becky has said, keep feet sweat free. Wearing them has given first-hand insight into how the tech and the work the brand puts in to ensure the best quality in as sustainable way as possible, is all worth it.  What’s more. as well as giving extra protection to the soles of my feet when running, paired with my OOFOS slides post run, is bliss!  

I am yet to try the UltraLites as was keen to wear those as the weather warmed up and to take note of differences – the next week looks like a good time!


I’ve never been one to buy into specialist running socks but since trying out my new Balega’s I’m converted! They are incredibly comfortable, the fabric is super soft but feels supportive especially around the arch of my foot. They are the perfect height and sit just on my ankle so don’t slip when I’m running and so far have kept my feet sweat free!


I find them the most comfortable running socks I’ve tried and I’m also glad to see their focus on sustainability. I could do with trying all the different types to understand how they differ! I’ve definitely never had a blister when running in Balega’s and paired with On’s it’s a very comfortable experience.


I love mine!  I have the Enduro No Show sock. They are super cushioned and feel supportive, and for running / HIIT / strength training they stay in place perfectly. They’re a good length – no disappearing down the back of your heels, which is often a problem I find with trainer line / pop sock type styles.


I am a bit fan of the socks already.  I have been testing both the ultra-thin and the hidden comfort, I thought the hidden comfort was going to be too thick and make my feet sweat but it was the complete opposite – they felt great and not sweaty at all.  They fit brilliantly around the foot and do not slip down the foot at all, they are a great fit especially with the new On Cloudmonster that have super cushioning! I have recommended Balega to quite a few of my running friends who have all said they are the only socks they wear to run in and they last for years!


The socks were a bit big for me – got sent a M rather than S, but it is not a problem because I gave them to my girlfriend. She wore them for her cycling commute and told me how comfortable they are, with the cushioning in the heel – as well as for all day wear in the office. She also said they don’t slide down in her trainers!