Aspire is proud to announce its PR partnership with Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC), the first step in our 2022 goal to work with purpose-driven people, companies and charitable organisations.

From May 2022, we will shine a light on the work of Cyclists Fighting Cancer and raise awareness of the charity’s mission.

Using a three-pronged approach that lays foundations; builds awareness; and champions a fundraising initiative in Autumn 2022, Aspire will work to secure CFC high quality coverage in national, regional, charity trade, and cycling media. The aim is to drive consumers to support the charity through fundraising efforts and donations.

“As an agency we are deeply moved by wanting to grow beyond profit margins and give back to the causes we care about,” says Layla Smith, Founder and Managing Director of Aspire.

“Our core values filter into every single thing we think, say and do. The values shape our campaigns, the advice we offer and, most importantly, the brands and organisations we choose to work with. Supporting CFC is much more than a feel-good thing. We have made the choice to support the charity collectively and everyone at Aspire genuinely cares about sharing its positive impact and helping the organisation to thrive.  Along with our PR expertise, we hope to give something back, in our own way, for the extraordinary work CFC does.”

As Aspire starts to shape its CSR strategy, it will be offering some pro bono time each year to purpose-led projects; CFC being the first partner that it works with in this way.

About Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC)

Cyclists Fighting Cancer (CFC) is an incredible charity with an inspirational and selfless founder, Mike Grisenthwaite, at the helm. The charity represents a cause close to our hearts with a number of the Aspire PR team having been affected by cancer in their personal lives.

Since 2005, CFC has supplied over 8,000 lightweight bikes, tandems and specially adapted trikes to children living with cancer, as well as their families, enabling them to enjoy cycling as an activity together, often after years of hospitalisation and upheaval.

CFC encourages cycling as the best form of exercise-based rehabilitation for children because it provides physical and mental health benefits in a low impact, fun, sociable and exciting way.

CFC also funds a network of Cancer Exercise Specialists who work closely with the twenty-one paediatric oncology units around the country to promote activity, exercise, and a healthy lifestyle. Adopting a healthy active lifestyle at an early age means these practices will be carried on into adulthood, establishing good life-long habits.

Contact Aspire PR on or 020 8979 9655 to find out more about our charitable partnerships and social responsibility initiatives.