A new year calls for new goals! Here’s a quick insight into what personal goals the Aspire team have planned for the start of 2021.

“After a challenging year in 2020 and a similar start to 2021, I’m making the most of a mindful journal that a friend brought me as a gift. It’s given me the opportunity to set personal goals and to focus on each day as it comes, prioritising daily activities with wellbeing front of mind. The main goals I’ve set are to ‘move everyday’ and make that the first thing I do – that way I feel a sense of achievement whatever the day throws at me. I’m setting clearer boundaries on email time during the day and screen time of any kind during the evening. I will be booking out holiday for proper switch-off time, as after not doing this in 2020, I was left suffering a sense of burn-out and once I took a break I felt the immediate lift in my energy levels and capacity for fresh thinking. I will also be focussing on self-care – eating well, having some dedicated quiet/thinking time, scheduling time to read and listen to new things and aim to explore meditation.”

Layla Smith

“For me, it’s all about continuing to embrace fresh air and the great outdoors, ensuring I keep up with regular runs and family dog walks/bike rides. I am doing RED in January, so this challenge will keep me motived and focused for the start of 2021 and hopefully  take me through to Spring.

I also found myself binge-eating unnecessary whilst working at home last year and I have set myself a goal to steer away from the biscuit tin and eat healthier options.”

Vikki McGill

“For me, I’d like to keep my exercise and activity more varied this year. It can be easy for me to slip into the “I’ll just go for a run” mindset but I always feel best in myself when I’m balancing running with workouts and sports. I’ve been really enjoying walking since the first lockdown restrictions hit last year and it’s now one of my favourite ways to keep active. I’ll be getting a dog at the end of January too, so walking is definitely something I’ll be enjoying even more this year (and dog potty training is obviously also high up on my 2021 to-do list!).”

Josh Puttock

“For me, and particularly as Lockdown 3.0 set in, it’s about being realistic about what is achievable in the here and now.  My go to for exercise is a long power walk after my youngest has been dropped off at school, but with school closures, I can’t beat myself up about the fact I can’t do that. I’ll be finding other ways over the next few weeks to exercise in the confines of our four walls – skipping, sprints up and down our (luckily) long garden, some online sessions.  Once we are back to some kind of normal, I want to mix it up a bit and not just concentrate on legs and bum, especially as I seem to be growing some batwings!”

Monica Poncelas

“This year I’m setting myself some realistic goals so I don’t get to Easter and feel like I haven’t achieved anything I set out to do.  I aim to increase the number of times I run each week but balance this out with more stretching and strength work.  Bad eating habits were starting to creep in during the last lockdown so a big goal will be to pre-plan family meals and make more healthy snacks. My final goal is to help out more in the local community and try to support those that have really suffered over the past year.”

Becky Hepworth

“Given this year hasn’t kicked off in the most normal fashion, my goal for this year is to create a healthy and achievable routine. Whilst working from home it’s so easy for your work life and home life to blend, so making sure I have a few things in my diary every week that remain consistent. I’ve started this year with weekly zoom yoga and breathwork sessions which I plan to continue no matter how busy I am.”

Tania Lewis