Yes, the rumours are true – Aspire’s Moving Meets concept is officially off the ground! We are delighted to announce that on the 18th of July 2019, our first Moving Meet successfully took place. The event, in collaboration with client Canyon and their Fitness Bike range, was the first of the series.

The Moving Meets event concept sees Aspire curate unique ‘active’ meetings on a regular basis to boost community interaction, or to promote the very best of our clients’ newly-released products (and, sometimes both). And it’s fair to say that, for a launch event, things kicked off with a bang.

The event was held in the South West and was created to connect some key industry personalities in Bristol and Bath, bringing them together on a bike ride along the 14-mile railway path that connects the two cities. Some of the guests were cyclists, others hadn’t ridden a bike in months – meaning the bikes had to cater for a wide range of riders.

The idea behind Canyon’s Fitness Bike range, and this particular event, was to highlight that using a bike can be a great training aid and not just a tool for getting from one place to another. Aspire sourced a selection of bikes, which included both the Roadlite and Pathlite from this range.

Friend of Aspire, Amy Cousins helped us to pull the guest list together. The Bath-based blogger already had a Canyon Fitness Bike through the product seeding programme that we are implementing for Canyon, so she was in a great position to support the event.

The day began with the team meeting at 11am in Bristol at the start of the railway path for introductions and bike sizing. The bikes had been chosen specifically for each guest but sized in a way that meant swapping bikes at the halfway lunch point was a possibility. After all, who doesn’t want to try as many as possible?

Lunch was taken at the Bird in Hand pub in Saltford. Once refuelled, it was back on the bikes for the second stretch. Riding into Bath centre, the group finished the route in just under 2 hours (excluding the food stop). Everyone regrouped at Mokoko cafe at 3pm to discuss the bikes and the event, providing valuable feedback for the Aspire team.

During the afternoon, a great amount of social media coverage was gathered for both Canyon and Aspire across all guests’ accounts – all of which is logged and has been shared with the client and archived for future reference. This, as is always the way with social media and online coverage, is crucial for exposure and spreading the message.

All in all, the general feedback for the first Moving Meet was overwhelmingly positive. The guests highlighted that there was time and distance to try both bikes, and they really enjoyed the non-road bound route. Bristol to Bath proved the perfect location to showcase the fitness bikes and to introduce our new Aspire community event series.

Next up? We head to the trails for some inner-city, off-road running. For all the latest Moving Meets updates, keep an eye out for the report on our website – and follow the hashtags below.