We know that movement works. Help us to make movement matter.

I am passionate about movement and its power to shape our lives, bring about positive change and gender equality. 

And it’s a personal thing too. Keeping physically active has played a major role in forming who I am today.

Sharing the message has always been my mission. But 10 years into my Aspire journey, I ask myself the question: how can we build a community to champion change and make movement matter to millions more around the world?

Movement is a positive force

A passion for movement has helped me throughout life. The discipline of training and shared friendships from athletics saw me through challenging teenage years.

It shaped my academic focus as I studied the effects of exercise on schizophrenia for my sports science degree.

It has provided some of my most treasured experiences and led me to many inspiring people – including my partner and my core friendship groups.

Movement enables me to stay motivated every day and gives me the energy and confidence to strive and pursue new things. Never has it felt more important than coping with the anxiety and stresses of recent lockdowns.

Physical activity or simply forward progression on a project makes me feel good.

It felt only natural that ‘Movement Works’ became the tagline for Aspire in 2020.

Movement is about bringing people together

‘Movement Works’ is more than a slogan. It is about having a shared ethos for the Aspire team and building a values-based agency with a purpose.

It is about connecting with people and organisations that share our belief in the power of movement.

Quite simply it’s about celebrating the positive impact that movement can have on fitness, mental wellbeing, creativity and social experiences.

Quite simply it’s about celebrating the positive impact that movement can have on fitness, mental wellbeing, creativity and social experiences.

The next step has been to grow a community of like-minded people with the mission to make movement matter.

Our popular Moving Meets will run again from May 2021. These meetings on the move are about doing things a little differently, looking beyond the product placement, influencers and follower numbers.

Moving Meets are about connecting people, professionals and brands who are genuinely passionate about sport, health and wellness.

They are an opportunity to explore specific activities, challenges, ideas and topics that are relevant to us today and in the future.

Building a movement for change

We have seen the seeds of a powerful community starting to grow.

Next month, we will introduce a new concept called Moving Communities to help the Aspire community grow stronger and flourish.

Moving Communities will see a host and panel of guests exploring important topics, bringing together communities and providing a platform for stories to be told and shared.

From mental wellbeing and the health of the planet to diversity and equality, we will shine a light on the important topics we face today and discuss how we can take action to make our world a better place. 

We want you to join us. Bring your expertise, experiences and inspirational stories. We want everyone to share, feel inspired and be ready to take action to make the world a better place.

We have a unique opportunity to join forces and push for positive change.

Together we can make movement matter.