Watch the third instalment of Aspire’s Moving Communities where we take a deeper look at the impact of community within the movement space.

‘Movement for Change’ is the third in Aspire’s Moving Communities series. This short film takes a deeper look at the rise and power of active communities where we speak with three community founders from Trash Free Trails, Black Girls Do Run UK, and The Outrunners, exploring their social impact and the power of physical togetherness in a digital age. Through each of their stories, you’ll see the transformative power that these active communities possess.

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With thanks to Dom Ferris, Tasha Thompson, and Tyler Williams-Green for their invaluable contributions to this special project. And to Danny Easton (Form a Circle) and Matt Brown (Unhinged Productions) for producing this short film.

About Moving Communities:

Aspire’s Moving Communities series explores important topics within the movement space, bringing together communities and providing a platform for stories to be told and shared. From sustainability to mental wellbeing and diversity, we shine a light on the topical issues of the day and discuss how we can take action to make our world a better place. See the full series below:

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