In collaboration with On Running, our third Moving Meet took place around the release of the Swiss brand’s new maximum-cushioning performance shoe – the Cloudstratus. Its summer launch offered the perfect opportunity for us to arrange a social work-run gathering, where we could talk all-things running, life and On with all invitees. 

Like usual, we kept the guestlist targeted and invited key members of the London running community to join us at the Urban Meadow Café, located just outside Hyde Park. Club figures James Poole and Susie Chan were amongst attendees, as was running coach and motivational speaker Luke Tyburski, who kindly helped support and organise our running route. 

On team members Olly Laws (Sales Director for the UK and Ireland), Lucy Niemz (UK Sales Rep) and Gareth Evans (their new Marketing Manager for the UK and Ireland) were also on-call to answer any technical questions about the brand. It’s always a pleasure working with the On team, and they were brilliant in sharing insight and information with the group. 

While we loved catching up with everyone, it was important that we all properly tested out the shoe that morning. So, we met at 9:00am at the café for coffee and meet and greets, and after guests received their new shoes, we took a quick photo with the Moving Meets sign (of course) and then headed out into the park – meaning there was plenty of testing time! 

Before running, Olly gave a short speech around the Cloudstratus. The USP of the shoe is its double layer of On’s patented Clouds, meaning it has double the cushioning. Many of the group were already fans of the brand, but no one had run in a shoe like it – it’s On’s first to double up on cushioning, so there’s been a lot of excitement around the release. 

After this, we spent the next hour testing out the shoe over a steady six miles. The feedback was widely positive; notably, people enjoyed the wide toe box and the Helion Foam underfoot. During the run, we all had a brilliant time catching up on what people have been up to, discussing future plans and, of course, analysing the shoe. 

Once back at the café, another round of coffee was ordered and the team engaged in more chat to discuss the pros and cons of the shoe, as well as what’s next for On heading towards the end of the year. Guests left the café around 11:30am, all donning their recently received shoes. Another successful meet had come to a close. 

Our morning with the Cloudstratus was just as we wanted it to be. We ran through the park on a sunny Wednesday morning, wearing great shoes and surrounded by great company. What more could you want? 

Aspire has two more Moving Meets planned before the end of September, and we’re really excited to reveal more nearer the time. As each event goes by, we get inspired to curate bigger and better ideas for our community. 

Stay tuned for updates, everyone!