We’re delighted to announce that we are now working with Nuasan (www.nuasan.com) to launch the innovative range of natural bodycare products to the UK market. 

Formulated in the west of Ireland specifically for active individuals and launched there in January 2020, Nuasan is the brainchild of Irish entrepreneur and passionate scientist Dara Scott.

Recognising a demand amongst an increasingly active population for products that were both kind to skin and to the environment, Dara Scott and his team of chemists spent four years researching and developing the idea of a natural, sustainable, scientifically-proven and home-grown skincare brand that was formulated especially for those leading an active lifestyle.  

The result is a collection of products made using ingredients which are pure, sustainable, biologically effective and beneficial to bodies.  To date, products include Nuasan Active Body Wipes; Nuasan Active Body Wash; Nuasan Active Foot Care and the Nuasan Active Bodycare Kit, with more to come in 2021!

Photo: Julia Dunin