The dust has settled after the post pandemic ‘Wellness’ boom and fitness fans are now paying attention to the fact their bodies also need rest. Recovery has become the hottest topic in the world of wellbeing and promises to be one of the major health and wellbeing trends for 2023.  OOFOS, a market leader and pioneer of recovery footwear, has always encouraged people to look at how they take care of themselves post exercise, making self-care and recovery a greater priority in their day to day lives.

Recovery is applicable for everyone. It’s not just for elite athletes or the injured. It’s for anyone who wants to be, and feel, better. From sandals to clogs to shoes, OOFOS offers styles that meet all lifestyles and seasons so anyone can apply recovery as part of their own approach to wellness, self-care and simply the desire to be the best version of themselves.  The OOFOS Spring Summer 2023 collection promises to be the most coveted yet and a must have, versatile wardrobe staple for those looking to capitalise on functional on trend footwear.

OOFOS has collated the hottest tips, tools, and advice from top wellbeing experts, on how we should be looking after our bodies and minds in 2023

ANIA GABB, PT and Running Coach

TOP RECOVERY TOOLS FOR 2023: “Sleep and Magnesium!”

“I always say the best recovery is sleep. However, what if you struggle with sleep? That’s where magnesium can help. I have been taking magnesium religiously for over 13 years after it was recommended to me by a fellow yoga instructor who taught me the benefits on how it could help with my running and recovery.

Magnesium comes in many forms; such as tablet, drink, cream, bath soak, and sweet. There’s also various types of magnesium; including MALATE, CITRATE, OXIDE, GLYCINATE.

Magnesium has a huge number of benefits, from supporting muscle and nerve function, energy production, improves sleep, increases energy levels, lowers blood pressure, helps migraines, but most importantly, speeds up muscle recovery.

It’s about finding the right magnesium for you and your health needs and the easiest and most convenient way for you to absorb It.”

*Always consult your doctor before taking any new medicine and supplements.

*These statements do not represent the views and advice of OOFOS.

AIDAN O’FLAHERTY, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

Aidan O’Flaherty Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

TOP TIP FOR 2023: ” Strength training for general well-being and recovery “

One of the most researched topics in my field that doesn’t get enough attention in the mainstream media is strength training.  It is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) that you take part in strength training two or more days per week.

Primarily, Strength Training focuses on improving the musculoskeletal system i.e Cartilage, bones, tendon and muscle health. It is protective against osteoarthritis. By an individual having a greater strength capacity, our day-to-day tasks become easier thus allowing us to improve our recovery time.  Other benefits include:

  • Reduces systemic inflammation
  • Reduces risk of chronic diseases (e.g Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases)
  • Reduces anxiety and depressive symptoms
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Improves cardiorespiratory function

Strength training is safe and effective and can be done at home. Although, having access to a gym is beneficial, it is not essential. It is important that individuals apply progressive load to exercises that target key muscle groups and joints.”

Rupert French Reflexologist and sports in Motion Practitioner


“Reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years and is an incredibly powerful wellness tool. Reflexology approaches and accesses the body in a completely different way to other therapies, and it’s amazing how often the key to pain or a muscular/skeletal tightness elsewhere in the body can lie in the feet.

Reflexology can help with improved athletic performance, stress, pregnancy, chronic pain, foot related problems and sleep issues. It helps speed up the body’s recovery and helps prevent injury. 

With 26 bones, 33 joints and over 7000 nerve endings in each foot, the feet are the body’s unsung heroes. They are the body’s only contact with the ground when standing, they help with balance, shock absorption and are key to all movement. As such even the slightest restriction or dysfunction in the feet will have an impact on the rest of the body.”

Ania, Founder, Re Place London

Ania Gabb PT and Running Coach


“Re Place is a wellness and recovery studio located in Notting Hill that focusses on over looked fitness and recovery.

At Re Place, our Body Rollers combine lymphatic drainage and myofascial release massage techniques to target the whole body, leaving you feeling instantly lighter and uplifted.

The Body Rollers offers a long list of benefits to enhance your current wellness regime, including decreased toxins, boost of blood flow, reduced liquid retention, skin tightening, reduced appearance of cellulite, better mobility, sleep, immunity and metabolic function, increased energy levels and general wellbeing.

Our Somadome is the world’s first tech-enabled meditation pod, it uses binaural beats, LED light therapy and healing magnets for meditation that leads to deep relaxation and calm. It offers the same extraordinary benefits as regular meditation – without the hard work.”


OOFOS is an innovative, pioneering and scientifically proven footwear technology that accelerates recovery. The unique properties of the revolutionary OOfoam™ technology used in all products, means an OOFOS shoe absorbs 37% more impact than traditional footwear.

The patented footbed design, in conjunction with the OOfoam™, cradles and supports the arches reducing stress on the body by reducing energy exertion in the ankles by up to 20%. All this works to aid the recovery process and elevates OOFOS to a scientifically proven recovery solution that sees hard-working feet and body feel better.

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