On are now renowned for running some pretty awesome campaigns and I was lucky enough to experience one of their recent mega projects first-hand – the On Mountain Hut.

To honour On’s true home and take them back to the source, their team designed and built the perfect mountain hut nestled on the Piz Lunghin mountain in the Engadine Region of the Swiss Alps.

These mountains are part of their DNA and they utilise them for product R&D, strategy, team development and generally keeping a perspective on things – something which I identify with and respect very much myself.

Everything about the hut was perfectly designed and so well thought out. After a tough two hour hike, I was blown away by the simple beauty of the hut upon arrival. Inside, the attention to detail and innovative design was outstanding. It really was the perfect mountain hut and the perfect escape from modern life.

We got to test out some of the new outdoor products from On, including the speed hiking shoe, the Cloudrock Waterproof. Considering we went from City to hiking in a matter of hours, it was comfortable straight away and remained so throughout the trip, even on the relentless journey back down.

The project was designed to leave zero impact on the environment that On so loves, and the Mountain Hut will be removed without trace at the end of Summer and will be re-used for future projects, possibly at a location near you!