As part of Aspire’s 2022 pledge to commit £20,000 worth of time to pro-bono work for causes we care deeply about, we are delighted to announced that we are supporting JogOn – a campaign to remove one million pairs of running shoes from landfill, with a Christmas 2022 challenge to hit a festive milestone of 10,000 pairs donated to the cause.

Created by Tony Piedade, also known for founding Jogging Buddy ( back in 2009, JogOn is currently operating as just a one man band with high aspirations, goals and one simple mission: to prolong the life of one asset. Every year it is estimated that a whopping 33 million running shoes end up in landfill and once there, those shoes stick around for a while – the average pair of trainers takes approximately 1,000 years to decompose. Frequently, these shoes are still in usable condition and all have the incredible potential for a second lease of life.

Once donated shoes are received by JogOn, all are reviewed and thoroughly inspected. Those that are end of life, of which to date, only 3% of those received have been, will be disposed of in the UK. JogOn is currently storing these while it investigates a partnership with a waste to energy plant in the UK to ensure these are properly terminated. Those deemed to be in good condition with many miles left in them, are repurposed and sent to JogOn’s charity partners, NGOs or micro-economies across the UK and overseas, where they are given to people who need them most.

4,000 pairs have already been donated since Tony’s mission began and Aspire is supporting with a media campaign across both consumer and trade sectors to drive awareness and help hit the huge festive milestone of 10,000 donated pairs by this Christmas.

Monica Poncelas, Associate Director at Aspire said, “We are so excited and privileged to be supporting JogOn in its mission. A purpose driven, not for profit initiative that sparked Aspire’s interest as a cause for good, an inspirational campaign, and so relevant to the space we are passionate about, we wanted to do our bit and help Tony spread the word. With Christmas just around the corner, it felt like a good time to launch the campaign nationwide via the UK press as people not only clear out to make room for new, but also consider how they can help those in need. We hope that together we can hit the 10,000 milestone and get JogOn off to a brillaint 2023 and beyond.’”

For media enquiries, please contact
Joanna Alden @Aspire PR, Media Relations