Canyon is today launching a complete support package to encourage more people to benefit from indoor on-bike workouts with its Stay Fit, Stay Healthy campaign. On top of this, they are encouraging cyclists who are able to ride safely outside to do so as their one chosen form of exercise per day. During these unprecedented times of social distancing and self-isolation, Canyon are sharing their wealth of knowledge and expertise with the nation and demonstrating that riding a bike is the perfect activity for body and mind.

“During these challenging times, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, people are having to change their lives dramatically and pick up new routines. We believe that using cycling as a way to stay fit and healthy is an effective way to improve our collective wellbeing and overcome some of the stress and anxiety caused by the situation,” says Canyon UK Marketing Manager, Jack Noy. “By sticking to the government’s guidelines and staying in, this can be achieved at home, as many who are having to self-isolate are now realising.”

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy

Canyon’s new campaign is designed to help people add structure to their indoor bike workouts, and to encourage riding your workout to those who can safely outside. It aims to educate those new to indoor cycling, promoting the idea that you can use a regular outdoor bike to set-up an effective indoor cycling station. By building cycling workouts into your daily routine, within the confines of your house or garden, significant health and fitness improvements can be achieved. The added bonus is that the bike is ready to use outdoors, when the time is right.

Canyon believes that cycling – whether inside, once per day or if possible, safely outside – is the one of the best forms of exercise for physical and mental wellbeing. So why choose cycling as a method of keeping fit? Not only is it easily achievable, inside and out with the same piece of equipment, but riding is a brilliant cardiovascular activity that can also help to improve muscle definition, strength and power. As a non-weight baring exercise, regular riding is kind on the body’s joints and is unlikely to cause repetitive strain injuries, due to the low impact.

It is widely acknowledged that regular cycling relieves stress, anxiety and can even help combat depression. This is partly due to a regulation of the hormone cortisol as a result of the aerobic nature of the activity. Canyon fully understands that there’s also a noticeable feel-good-feeling that comes with the freedom of cycling, which is why this new campaign is so appropriate during the current times.

Indoor cycling/workouts

The government’s advice is to stay home and stay safe, which is why there is no better moment to put together an indoor cycling setup. Canyon is keen to emphasise, through Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, that riding inside is doable and is hugely beneficial. It should be an activity for not just cyclists but for people who want to keep in shape and exercise safely. Right now, Canyon’s focus isn’t just on the roads or trails.

This time can be used to get bikes in good working order, or to select the right bike if investing in a new one, and to mix up home workouts with a decent indoor cycling setup. This time will pass and all riders – old and new – will be in a great place to get outside and reap the benefits of the great outdoors once again. Many of Canyon’s professional riders are training at home and making the most of the current situation.

If home cycling is good enough for a professional cyclist, it’s good enough for the rest of us. It’s important to follow varied workouts to best improve overall fitness and to keep motivated. Canyon has created a selection, including a step-by-step guide to setting up a home cycling station, which will be available to download soon.

Responsible outdoor cycling

For those without any kind of home trainer or cycling setup, outdoor cycling in isolation is still permitted. It’s worth making the most of this, if it’s safe to do so. While we all love outdoor cycling, we are currently living under restrictions that mean we can’t all enjoy this. If you do live in an area that allows you to cycle outside, keep to the government’s guidelines. The workout routines can also be done effectively on quiet roads or paths, should you be able to get outdoors. Canyon’s hybrid range is the go-to choice for a variety of hybrid fitness bikes, and newly-added colourways have just been added to the Pathlite and Roadlite ranges.

Indoor kit list

Not everyone has the luxury of indoor cycling setups, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Canyon’s road and rail hybrid bikes all perform brilliantly on indoor stationary trainers, and they are then ready to use outside when that’s an option – preparing for indoor cycling can be simple. See Canyon’s kit suggestions for home cycle training below.

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