Canyon sets the 30 Day Challenge – encouraging us all to skip public transport, leave the car keys at home and turn to the bike instead.

LONDON, JUNE 19, 2020 – Whether it’s avoiding the traffic on your daily commute, long weekend road rides or hitting the local MTB trails, Canyon has set the 30 day challenge to see how many miles we can get in and forego the car or public transport. Starting today Canyon are asking us to turn to the bike as much as possible, in an effort to stay safe, be healthy and save a little money in the process.

Using a mere 5-mile commute as an example, Canyon show that you could save as much as £500 a year by commuting by bike in cutting fuel costs alone. By-passing the car and public transport also adds to the environmental effort, reducing CO2 emissions. 

Want to be involved? Canyon are awarding their Signature Urban 3-Layer Parka Jacket as prizes to selected challengers- rewarding their efforts. To be in with a chance of winning- riders must share their experience by posting on social media with the tags #30daysofcycling #bikeisbest and @canyon. 

Canyon have also setup a Strava Club for challengers, making it easy to track both your individual progress, and also the collective effort of everyone taking part. 

For those enjoying their challenge, why not take the opportunity to nominate a friend with your social post? The more people involved, the bigger difference we can make.

Canyon is welcoming all riders to take part. Nick Allen, market manager for Canyon UK states: “At Canyon we are a collective, a community. From our UK team to our customers and fans we all share a passion for cycling and celebrating the benefits it offers to riders of every level.” It doesn’t mean you have to ride every day come rain or shine, but set yourself a challenge and personal goal. Maybe it’s as little as commuting once a week by bike or squeezing in that extra fitness ride during the week. Everything counts towards our well-being, fitness and physical and mental health. And who knows? Maybe new habits will form, and we’ll see a reduction in inner city congestion and pollution in favour of the improved physical and mental wellbeing which cycling brings.