On 21 September 2022, grateful runners from all over the UK will come together to celebrate World Gratitude Day and enjoy the power of connecting gratitude with movement.

The Gratitude Moves event, organised by Run Grateful, features a running challenge plus a whole host of special entertainment and support for mental health and wellbeing.

The event takes place at Ashton Playing Fields in Woodford Green, Essex, from midnight to midnight. The activities offer an opportunity to experience the benefits of gratitude, the positive emotions we feel when we’re thankful and appreciative of the special people and things in our lives.

24 hours of inspiration

Gratitude Moves kicks off with a 24-hour run challenge. 26 runners will run 5km at midnight, followed by one ‘grateful’ mile, every hour, for 24 hours, dedicating each mile to someone or something they feel grateful for.

Putting physical and mental wellbeing first. Letting go of negative emotions. Getting new perspectives on what’s important. The 24-hour challenge will take participants out of their comfort zone and is at the heart of what Run Grateful is about.

The organisation’s mission is to inspire people and show we all have the power and capacity to transform our lives through gratitude, using movement as the vehicle.

Gratitude Moves has a packed agenda of wellbeing events, from talks by thought leaders in the wellness world to panel discussions with journalists, influencers and runners.

There will also be workshops from mindfulness experts and personal trainers, DJs, massages, breath work, ice baths and more to keep grateful runners motivated throughout the day.

The 26 runners will have friends and family there for support and Run Grateful has invited local community groups, charities and schools to get involved in the inspiring all day event.

Clock up your own gratitude miles

Anyone can mark World Gratitude Day 2022 by running or walking a grateful mile. You can even join up with people in your area using the Run Grateful app (iOS and Android) which connects thousands of grateful runners and walkers around the world.

The app lets you integrate gratitude runs and walks on Strava, take note of your gratitude tributes and gives access to a wealth of resources related to the benefits of gratitude practice when combined with movement.

You can create your own grateful running challenges too. Why not create an event in your area and invite others to join and enjoy the power of connecting gratitude with movement?

There has never been a more important time for gratitude

The shift towards gratitude accelerated during the global mental health crisis caused by Covid-19. Gratitude is scientifically proven to benefit health and wellbeing, and grateful running can help to improve the loneliness, isolation and economic hardship facing society today.

“Our last event in September 2020 was an uncertain time in the middle of Covid,” says Mark White, social entrepreneur and founder of Run Grateful. “It’s good to be back bringing people together and connecting them to movement and gratitude”

“Our concept of the marathon being broken down into “GRATEFUL MILES” on the hour, every hour, across the 24 hours is an experience not to be missed. Its potential to change lives is something I am passionate about sharing.”

“We are so pleased to be able to create this opportunity and space on World Gratitude Day. I am positive it will be a great day, not only for 26 runners directly involved in this event but those we are also looking to inspire around the world.”

Run Grateful is a community organisation that focuses on affirmations of goodness through movement. It prides itself on being radically inclusive by transcending borders, languages, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs.

The organisation spreads the benefits of grateful running through events in underprivileged areas, school programmes, corporate workshops and has worked on gratitude initiatives with companies such as Ocado and London Marathon Events.

By connecting runners from around the world through gratitude movement, Run Grateful hopes to inspire every active human to run or walk a grateful mile in their lifetime.

To find out more about Gratitude Moves or Run Grateful, contact mark@rungrateful.com or layla@aspirepr.co.uk.