In the wake of a successful sneaker franchise, Swiss partners Roger Federer and sportswear brand On unveil their magnum opus: a one-of-a-kind competition tennis shoe that served as the original technology inspiration behind THE ROGER collection.

• THE ROGER Pro is the first competition tennis shoe developed by Roger Federer and On

• Roger Federer will give his tennis comeback at the Qatar Open 2021 with THE ROGER Pro

• The shoe seved as the original technology inspiration behind THE ROGER sneaker collection

• THE ROGER Pro is a one-of-a-kind model and not available for purchase

ZURICH, Switzerland, March 10, 2021 — Today, the world watches as Roger Federer makes his longawaited comeback at the 2021 Qatar Open in Doha. All eyes will fall on the Swiss maestro’s feet where, for the first time, his craftsmanship on the court will be matched with an equally crafted shoe — THE ROGER Pro, On’s debut tennis competition shoe Swiss-engineered by Roger Federer and the On Lab.

Developing a tennis shoe meant adapting On’s technologies to meet the demands of the court. Counter to running’s forward movement, tennis requires agile side-to-side directional changes at high speeds.

“Tennis players put up to three times their body weight through a shoe during lateral movements,” explains Olivier Bernhard, On’s Co-Founder and Innovation Leader. “These high forces demand extreme agility and stability. That’s what we worked with Roger to create.”

On’s first tennis shoe features a stable midsole of high-performing foam, a midfoot cage for precision of foot placement during rapid-fire rallies, and a rounded sole to support smooth transitions between strokes.

Consistent with all models across the Swiss line, THE ROGER Pro incorporates a plate between the midsole and upper – or Speedboard® – for enhanced energy return. Made from 100% carbon fibre, this explosive feature absorbs impact from landing before returning it for added agility.

“After so many years at the top of world sport, Roger has his sense of what performance should feel likecompletely dialed in,” says Bernhard, a former professional athlete. “He can sense every small adjustment. This insight guided the whole project.”

The concept of THE ROGER Pro served as the initial technology inspiration for all models of THE ROGER sneaker franchise, including THE ROGER Centre Court, Clubhouse and Advantage.

THE ROGER Pro is a one-of-a-kind model Swiss-engineered to Roger’s requirements and not available for purchase.

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