This month sees open water accessories brand TekraSport launch to the UK market. The new, innovative and forward-thinking Irish company is destined to become a must-have essential for all water lovers at a time where open water activities are increasing in popularity.

With the TekraSport name giving a quiet nod to Tetrapods – our aquatic ancestors who first ventured from sea to land – the brand is inspired by Ireland’s incredible “Wild Atlantic Way”, and made from a sheer love of nature, a passion for swimming in the open ocean and a desire for safe and adventurous outdoor discovery. At the helm is founder John Hanley, a passionate triathlete, open water swimmer and multi-Iron Man contestant; his mission – to empower all individuals to overcome physical and mental limits safely, innovatively and with the support of his first-hand knowledge and engineering expertise. 

When it comes to TekraSport’s individual product portfolio, it’s a spirit of innovation that drives its pursuit of excellence in product design and practicality, with each product priding itself on its simplicity, attractive aesthetics and uncompromised performance. At the core of each safety device is a purpose to not limit performance, but rather, empower first-time open water swimmers and enable confident athletes to improve without distraction.


TekraSport’s hero product is the TekraPod, the very latest development in open water swim safety and provides a revolutionary alternative to a traditional tow float. Certain to become a positively disruptive open water kit bag staple, it is precision engineered yet carefully handcrafted, simple, beautiful and useful.

The TekraPod ensures the ultimate in safety, speed and performance in the water. It’s neutrally buoyant and doesn’t interfere with the swimmer’s body position, or their swim mechanics. Because it’s located between the shoulder blades in a narrow hydrodynamic pouch, it has little or no drag affect and has the sticking power of a limpet.

The Internal Bladder inflates at the pull of a cord, the elongated bladder can then be used to wave for attention, to rest on while assistance arrives or given to other water users who might need help. It is also fully reusable by replacing a 16g CO2 cylinder, just like the ones used for bikes.

In addition to the device’s practicality, reliability and high performance, the TekraPod only uses plastics that are BPA and Phthalates or DEHP free. Tekrasport is committed to eventually removing all unnecessary plastic from its products and will continue to improve and innovate in this area.

The TekraPod’s top features include:

  • Precision engineered open water swimming device with no drag.
  • Instantly inflate for support or to alert people. Quickly detach and save others.
  • Streamlined, comfortable and race legal.

Complementing the TekraPod, is a growing collection of quality clothing and open water swimming accessories. Also available now are:

  • The TekraLite – a powerful, waterproof LED light offering high visibility.
  • The TekraRobe – a warm, water- and wind-proof robe.

Simplicity, attractive aesthetics and uncompromised performance are at the core of every product.

With a focus on safety but a passion and drive for personal achievement and the pushing of boundaries, TekraSport is fast becoming a serious industry competitor.

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